Willia Stuart

Willia Stuart
Willia Stuart Dream
God Tier
Willia Stuart God Tier
Willia Stuart Talksprite
Willia Stuart God Tier Talksprite

Willia Stuart Original
"1|| m4ke h1/V\ p4y for the
cr1/V\es he h4s co/V\/V\1ted."


Lord of Heart


7 Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

refuses to honour the n4/V\e of the ene/V\y

Strife Specibi


Be the Limeblood Edit

Your name is WILLIA STUART. You think your blood colour makes you VERY POWERFUL, which is a CORRECT NOTION. You like to read HUMAN COMIC BOOKS, which are FUCKING AWESOME. Your started a DEAD SESSION in an attempt to GAIN POWERS EQUAL TO MAILIM, the RULER OF YOUR UNIVERSE, which FAILED MISERABLY. You did manage to GOD TIER into a LORD, because MUSES ARE FUCKING LAME, and your blood also makes you FUCKING OVERPOWERED. You think Mailim is a POWER HUNGRY ASSHOLE, constantly going on MURDER SPREES. You wish nothing more than for him to get the JUSTICE HE DESERVES, and as such have changed your quirk to AVOID ALL MENTION OF HIM. Your LEFT EYE is visible through your hair, which you think makes you look COMPLETELY BADASS, and thus make sure to always have it covered. You get power from the GREEN SUN, an idea that is VERY ORIGINAL. The person who drew you UTTERLY FUCKED UP the first time around, an event you are UNAWARE OF, because of your INABILITY TO BREAK THE FOURTH WALL. You posses the CORRUPTED SCYTHE, the only weapon able to kill Mailim due to it's ability to DEFY NARRATIVE.

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