Crassu Artios


Orange Blooded

...should i, or shouldn't...i?


Monk of Self


7.25 Alternian solar sweeps (16 Earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Puts elipses in random spots to indicate thickheadedness. Loses this when an emotion is particularly strong.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Enter Name

Your name is Crassu Artios and your skin is freakishly thick.

So thick in fact, that bleeding and blushing are out of the question without a significantly deep cut. Which you are always too much of a wuss to do.

Not only is your skin THICK but you are also THICKHEADED, and as a result your thoughts are slow, and so are your emotions and thoughts, when they don't need to be. By the time you feel sadness, the moment has passed, so you have never cried, either.

ROOM Your HIVE has THICK WALLS in order to keep your RHNOCEROS LUSUS from bringing the whole place down. Your RESPITEBLOCK is full of half whittled PEICES OF WOOD you whittle to pass the time on boring days. This lets you get great practive with knives, and you might accidentally cut yourself deep enough to bleed as a bonus. You won't, though, you're just to skilled with knives.

STRIFE You wield the BLADEKIND SPECIBUS, due to the fact that you might work up the courage to cut yourself one of these days. This lets you use KNIVES, DAGGERS AND SWORDS but you tend to stick to knives because they let you WHITTLE MORE EFFIENCTLY.


Your DENSITY MODUS calculates the average density of an item and puts it in a card numbered 0 to 9 based on the thousandths place. However, captchalouging an item in a slot already there will HURL THE ITEM OUT OF YOUR SYLLADEX at lethal speeds. Even the softest of CUSHIONS would become deadly in the hands of this modus. It is a MODUS MISHAP that kills your lusus via a blow to the head, causing you to finally cry and discover your blood color as your tears create a matching puddle to the growing one your lusus has made.


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