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”<<Now where are your heroes if not on display? Up somewhere in space, see- They’ve all gone to play>>”


7 sweeps

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Typing Style

Speaks in rhyme unless he can only provide terse answers- very formal and often with boldness. Begins and ends what he types with « and »




Avison is normally very calm and extremely confident about everything he does unless things don’t go as planned or he finds that he has ‘miscalculated’ something. Though physically strong, he is typically more of a bookworm and very much intrigued by different sorts of Historical and Medical information. When faced with a challenge, Avison is always the first to find the solution to the problem, and often quickly. If he is unable to solve something, he tenses up and begins to panic. Avison hates to lose, and often becomes obsessive over it if he doesn’t have his way. Though he tries to maintain a serene and pristine nature, he does have a tendency to become annoyed and irate and will snap at someone if pushed.

Fetch ModusEdit

Avison Hero mode
Avison has Red Sylladex Cards and uses the MEDIC Fetch Modus. He only carries items that he would deem important and keeps everything organized in a sort of cross. Avison can pick out cards from either edge of the formed cross and when he captchalogues something the center of the cross pushes another card from any end out [or pushes a card into one of the sides of the cross if a card is missing from it or has been removed] and takes in the item.

Strife SpecibusEdit

Avison wields the SCISSORKIND Strife Specibus. He carries in each hand rather large medical scissors. Avison uses these to slice, and cut, but uses the larger end of his scissors to bash and break limbs and immobilize his enemies if necessary. Avison is horrendously crafty and confident in battle. He always plays out scenarios in his head and correctly predicts the enemy’s movements, resulting in a great attack accuracy. However, he is not immune to an incorrect prediction and slip up. When this happens, Avison becomes very frustrated, his accuracy falls and he becomes obsessive over winning- often resulting in him slipping up even further. Most times, he will reprimand himself constantly over any mistakes.


Avison’s Lusus is a medium sized Falcon, nicknamed Captain Falcon, who often likes to rest on his shoulder. Avison has a bird stand for his Lusus whenever he prefers to rest there or when Avison would prefer to be left alone- which is almost always- because Avison spends a lot of time reading medical books and journals and does not like to be disturbed when doing so. Avison’s Lusus is very protective, and if anything happens to Avison or if Avison does anything that might endanger himself, Captain Falcon will often squawk loudly, flap his wings, or get in the way to keep the troll from doing anything idiotic and dangerous. Though Avison finds his lusus sometimes irritating, he is for the most part quite fond of him and they have a fairly decent bond with one another.


Avison’s hive resides on the top of a dark mountain. His hive is a very dark blue [almost black] and resembles that of an old Victorian style mansion. Two of the walls of his Respiteblock [left and right] are actually bookshelves filled with books on medicine, anatomy, history, and philosophy. His front wall has windows on either side. On this front wall, his Purple Husktop rested on his large, metallic desk. However, his husktop does not always remain there,

Young Avison

Young Avison

as Avison spends a lot of his time on the floor with his books and as such, he keeps his husktop close by him. On the back wall, his recuperacoon is settled in the left corner. On the opposite corner, there is a bird stand for Avison’s Falcon Lusus to rest upon. Although Avison is neat with everything else, he is completely messy with his books. As such, his floor is littered with piles of books that he is currently reading or means to get to as soon as he can. A couple of these books are not even that, but instead medical journals that he’s written himself based on the observation of other medical textbooks and whatnot. He makes his own observations and hypotheses- even self evaluations based on what he’s read as he believes that one has not entirely learned something without going over it once more. Through his windows, Avison has a view of a seemingly endless and colorless rocky passage and incoming storm clouds.


Avison enjoys reading his medical books and writing notes on his findings in his journals. He even has a tendency to perform brief autopsies on smaller creatures. Avison also enjoys philosophy and history, and will often take note of what he learns from another troll in his group who is able to learn about the past through various objects.

Knight of Rage

Avison as the Knight of Rage


Avison’s Title is Knight of Rage. His element is Thought, reflecting his wit and cunning. Avison’s land is the LAND OF ZEPHYR AND SPITE, and its Denizen is Themis. The land is composed of tilted and unstable metallic structures of all shapes and sizes that are terribly rusted and aged, almost to the point of collapsing or breaking. They are all different heights and are resting on what looks like long poles or columns. There is a thick, brown smog emitting from the pits below these structures that make it difficult to determine whether or not there is a bottom ground or end to the structures or not. There is no wind below a certain height, but above several of the higher structures, the wind blows furiously then gently, alternating at unexpected times. The Consorts of this land are unknown.


The Silencer. [I’m really sorry if I get any details wrong, because I was never able to find out how their army worked no matter who I asked or where I looked, so if anything’s innacutate, I apologize!]
The Silencer was a doctor working in the Alternian Army. He was offered a position of higher authority due to his blue blood, but he chose to be a part of the medical field as it had interested him the most and because he felt more prepared for such a role than as a soldier. The Silencer, when not attending to the soldiers’ wounds or the dead, was searching for convicts, the weak, rebels, prisoners and other ‘misfit’ trolls to rip apart or experiment on. The Silencer found that he rather enjoyed watching people suffer, and because he was not a soldier, he decided to have fun with any prisoners that he could get his hands on and do as he pleased with them in his operation theater. He enjoyed ripping them apart for sport, rather than anything else. The Silencer Carried the Bonekind Strife Specibus- a sort of long, smooth spike crafted from the bones of another troll- one of his first victims who was an unfortunately and pitifully weak, low-ranking soldier that had been fatally wounded in battle and was sent to The Silencer to do with as he pleased


Zeetus Sprite 2
Zeetus Falcor (zeet-us fowl-core) is the 9-sweep old Dancestor of Avison Falcor. He is a pretentious computer programmer with a stubborn mindset, convinced that he is right in everything he does and says--it is nearly impossible to change his mind once it's made up. As Keslyr describes him- “|a pOtentially pretentiOus dOuchebag|”

Zeetus has a habit of interrupting others and constantly arguing about how correct he is. The only way to evade his banter is to let him ‘win’. Zeetus is capable of empathy, though he only does so to those he admires, and even then he has the tendency to let his prudish nature overpower things. He has flushed feelings for Delane who does not return them, seeing Zeetus only as a disposable tool. However, he still listens to and does what she tells him to, much to the disapproval of the others. The Dancestor will Typ!ca11Y SpeaK W!tH 10udeneD D!sappr0va1 AnD AngeR, A1wayS N!tp!ck!nG 0veR S0meth!nG Dur!nG A C0nversat!0N.

Zeetus fights with the BLADEKIND strife specibus and his Title is the Page of Rage.


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Avison’s Main Theme
Going God Tier


Created by AnnikaDoll

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