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Be the Lord of BreathEdit

What? Lord of Breath? You can't have a Lord of Breath!

You sigh and prepare to tell you tale again, for the 514th time you belive. You were about to go into the Sgrub session with your trusted friends, all 6 of them, when the disaster had struck. First off, there was something wrong with your clients. The gaping hole missing from each of them was the tip-off. But, thanks to a friendly neighbourhood blue-blood you were assured that the only thing wrong with it was the classes and aspects were missing. However, as soon as you entered the medium your roles were to be chosen. Only two of you survived. Both the purpleblood and youself managed to get in without being slaughtered by the... thing that was spawned. The 'glitch' it called itself. You remember it coming before you and growling at you, the blood of your friends on its teeth. You'd backed up to the edge of the remnants of your hive and fell. Then, cursing yourself for doing so, you flew upwards into the medium. You'd gotton away by being reactive. Your partner, Ametye Fryora, had done so by being proactive. But that's enough of the past. Now the present and the long awaited character summary.

You are Aethin Prowwe, the Lord of Breath in a doomed session. A yellowblood by birth and a general 'layabout' by nature or so your moirail tells you. Instead of the usual 'psiionics' that usually accompany yellowbloods you've been gifted with the ability of electricity manipulation.  Combine that with the air manipulation of the Lord of Breath and you're a regular Zeus. 

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