1. Moirai
Crisar Phyres


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Prince of Light


8 Sweeps (17 ⅓ earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style




Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Julani Halyas, Matesprit
The Acolyte, Ancestor
Pater, Sol, and Spook; Lusus

Lives in



Land of Lamps and Croquet


Your name is CRISAR PHYRES, and you have a blob of ELEVEN other TROLL FRIENDS and FOUR HUMAN ones. Yes, humans. Ever since Caliborn the cherub (aka Lord English) was tossed out of all paradox space, there's been an intermingling of the two species, a sharing of cultures. Friendships. And, of course, many clashes between the two races. But that's not important. What IS important is the fact you and your friends have each pre-ordered a copy of a game long in development, SGRUBURBZ OMEGA, and it is going to be released in a matter of days. [Sound familiar? Ha, perish the thought. No one—except maybe Krista—cares very much about the finer details of the bispecies culture's history.

Stuff happens in your life. (This is a bit of a WIP.) You frequently use Trolluman, a longstanding, reliable chat client, to chat with your friends. Your screenname is acheronsGlow and Hello.

What will you do?

==> Deal with your lusus.


You have a CEBERUS lusus, and you named each individual head.

Ceberus Lusus

Looking at your lusus: LEFT is Sol, CENTER is Spook, RIGHT is Pater

Fetch ModusEdit

Items form the shape of a pyramid with the larger items migrating to the bottom and the smaller items to the top. You can take any item out of the pyramid so long as the pyramid doesn't collapse because of the gap.


-Crisar's symbol is named after the Greek collective name for the Fates.

--This links into the three-part personality of his lusus.

-His trollutag is acheron's Glow, named after one of the five rivers of the Greek Underworld.

--The Acheron is the river of woe, tying into his role as the Prince of Light. He will essentially end up bringing woe to their enemies and (hopefully not) his friends.

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