Zinada Portov


Zinada portov alterniabound

Zinada portov sprite


Knight of Cold


15 Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Very formal and matter-of-fact, never swears or uses slang.

Shirt Sign

Map symbol for cannon/artillery

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Filing Cabnet


Land of Flags and Frost

> Be the mindless lapdog strict sergeantEdit

Your name is Zinada Portov, and a few words can be used to describe you - PERFECTIONIST. HARDASS. DISCIPLINED. You are a Chrysergeant proudly serving in HER IMPERIOUS CONDESCENSION'S GRAND MALEVOLENCE, otherwise known as the ALTERNIAN FLEET. Your hobbies include the standard recreational activities approved for active duty - BOXING, EXERCISE, READING HISTORY, and PRACTICING MARKSMANSHIP (not like there's much marksmanship involved in being a MACHINE GUNNER). You serve as a second in command of your unit, and your responsibilities are dishing out punishment and ensuring that orders are being carried out to maximum effect. You possess a deceptively small frame, standing at 5'1" in full combat dress. Being petite doesn't stop you from laying down the law, though, and many a smart mouthed recruit has been knocked to the floor for underestimating you.

You're so consumed by military life that it's hard to imagine what you were like without it. You were always reclusive and rarely strayed from your hive, not out of shyness but out of a complete disinterest in other people. A social life is just so... disorganized and unpredictable. It doesn't help that you don't have much of a personality, either. You take being a NEAT FREAK to an extreme - absolutely everything has to be spotless and in it's correct place. You can't comprehend how people can just leave their belongings laying around... how will they know where their things are when they need them?

You are obedient to a fault, and you will never question orders even if they put you in direct danger. Your well being doesn't matter as well as you accomplish the mission, but that doesn't make you reckless... only DETERMINED. Your superiors are thankful to have a Troll around that takes her position so seriously, but it's unsettling that you never [i]stop[/i] doing it. There's no relaxed posture and joking demeanor when off duty, and your men sometimes wonder if you have any emotions at all. It's like you're a SOULLESS ROBOT, built only to serve no matter what the cost.

Recently you've been assigned to work with a team of Legislacerators on a counter-piracy operation. Ground deployment is more of your thing, but you suppose being the muscle among a bunch of pencil pushers isn't so bad. There's no shortage of work to be done, and any free time you get is spent cleaning the arms room. You spend so much time among the heavy weaponry that might as well live in there. That's alright though, because you think that cold steel makes much better company than any Troll.

Your trolltag is acquiescentArmaments and Sir/ma'am, you never stray from speaking in the Fleet authorized manner for interpersonal communications.

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