O-ok, I-i have no idea what i'm doing, zo bear with me...

Hezeph Ronino
Hezeph Ronino
I-i really don't think that thiz iz a good idea...


7 Solar Sweeps


Lemon Yellow (#FFD941)






bowKind, arrowKind


Knight of Void

QUIRK: T-talkz with a bit of a ztutter and a lizp... F-firzt wordz have a capital letter followed by a hyphen, then the rezt of the word... S-s replacez Z-z... A-addz three ending punctuation markz, like zo... ??? !!! (rarely seen, but still seen from time to time: !!? ??! ?!? !?! ..? ..!)

FETCH MODUS: Target Practice. Shoot a sized target to get the item out. The smaller the item, the smaller the Target.

WEAPONRY: Uses a bow and arrows, both made of horns from dead trolls. (presumed to be brought in by his lusus)


C-could have zworn I zaw an imp...(Art done by cantataGravis)

PERSONALITY: Hezeph is a very shy troll, who has never left his hive. Hezeph spends most of his times with First Person Shooter games, such as "RED TEAM and BLU TEAM try to capture points or intelligence in a fortress type manner to achieve many goals and get several hats 2" Or, just "Troll Fortress 2". He goes on various chat groups to try to make any friends, but he just ends in way over his head with people he probably will never talk to again. He gets scared extremely easily.

ABILITIES: Hezeph has impeccable aim with a 98.5% chance of hitting his target. He can also teleport through time and space, which concists of "The Void"

ANCESTOR: His ancestor is named Orrinos Bowslung. The irony is that Hezeph's a wimp, and Orrinos wasn't. Orrinos was more of a Lone Ranger type guy, who fought people only with a bow and arrows, and "Beat down criminalz and took namez later. Thoze highbloodz never zaw it coming."

LUSUS: his lusus is a large Bird-like creature named "Amber". This is due to his blood color, being almost ambery. When she is prototyped into his kernelsprite, she talks constantly. Acting like an older sister to Hezeph more than a guardian.