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Lodove Symbol
Lodove Planci
Hope Outline

Lodove Planci

Lodove's Talksprite

Lodove's Homosuck

Lodove Prospit

Lodove Dead

Lodove God Tier Hood Up

Lodove God Tier

<( never take advantage xf thxse with vulnerable hearts be(ause they are the xnes that break the mxst. and trust me, i wxuld knxw that.




Heir of Hope


6 sweeps (13 human years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Proper grammar, no capitalization. Proper punctuation. Replaces all o's with an "x." Replaces all c's with a (. Starts beginning sentence with "<("


Columba Dove

Strife Specibi



The Picaroon (ancestor) (deceased)
Dareas Planci (dancestor)
Austri Farsas (ex-matesprit)
Orolog Pendul (flushed crush)
Canopu Arkeel (pale crush)
Aconid Nocard (caliginous crush)


Land of Glitter and Mirth

Lodove Planci, her trollian handle being adherentCompadre, is a female burgundy blooded troll. She is an Heir of Hope and notorious for being the ex-matesprit to Austri Farsas, an ominous seadweller. Her associated zodiac sign is the Columba Dove. She is also referred as her session's "Last Hope," which means many things. For one thing, she is a hope player and the last blood color on the hemospectrum. But it also could mean that she has the capability to turn her session around.

The first part of her handle, adherent, represents her belief in generally everything, and especially in her friends. By believing in her friends, it essentially makes her more powerful. And the second part of her handle, compadre, refers to her generally bubbly nature and her desiring to make many friends. And also due to the fact that she is a very friendly troll, much like Romeda Vashti and others.


"Lodove" was taken from "dove" and added a "lo" in front of it. Doves are well known to be symbolism for hope and peace, and it makes sense given the fact that Lodove is a hope player. Her generally peaceful nature comes from this. "Planci" was taken from Dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius, who named the Columba constellation.


> Be the Last Hope

Your name is LODOVE PLANCI.

A lot of people in your session refer to you as the LAST HOPE. And that can mean many things. But you think that that's not TRUE. You are known to try to establish PEACE with one another, so maybe that's where they get it from. Your friends say you're SENSITIVE. And you sure as hell know that's TRUE.

You enjoy WRITING and DRAWING. They are one of the many ways to express your CREATIVITY. You YEARN for your stories to be published, and they are mostly ORIGINAL WORKS. Your art is also ORIGINAL. Only your LUSUS has seen your art, since you are so SHY about putting your art OUT THERE. However everyone's probably seen your WRITINGS. You wished that many people would SEE that, yet people only notice your FANFICTIONS. And you do not want to be known solely for your FANFICTIONS. Despite that, you keep your head HIGH UP and continue doing what you LOVE. What makes YOU happy.

ACADEMIC SUBJECTS don't phase you, as you already know how to do them. Albeit math still manages to throw you UNDER THE BOAT a lot. To clarify, you love the ARTS. You love everything there is to ART. You also enjoy MUSIC, and you fancy your GUITAR that the humans so graciously gave to you. It gives you SOMETHING to do, and also you like the NOTES that the device makes. You don't tell ANYONE this, but you also love SINGING.

Your trolltag is adherentCompadre and you talk mellxw but yxu still get yxur pxint a(rxss.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lodove is best described as an ambivert. She has both extrovert and introvert qualities, such as the need to be around her friends but also be by herself. She cannot be described as either of them, as each extrovert and introvert quirks she has balances out, and as such only "ambivert" accurately describes her. Whenever she is with her friends, she feels in place and feels quite right. Whenever she's by herself, she experiences solitude, something she also needs too. She also enjoys being peaceful, whether it be by herself or with friends.

She is still a vulnerable person, at least emotionally. She trusts people easily due to her naivety and is susceptible to have her heart broken. She has been called a "hopeless romantic" way too many times due to her having a flushed, pale and caliginous crush. When she was younger, she could have been described as "desperate" due to her "need" for a relationship. However, she is capable of learning from her mistakes, as she learned that Austri Farsas wasn't worth her time and wasn't the best for her. She also attaches to things way too quickly, such as new interests and perhaps people.

Despite not seeing like it, Lodove has issues with self confidence. For instance, she always hides her artwork and her ability to sing, which she feels that they're not good enough. Her writing skills are one of the few things she's confident in, as well as her ability to use her rifle, because they are subjects that she puts her heart into the most. She's doubted numerous times that she is the session's Last Hope and feels like that title could go to someone else. But as the story progresses, Lodove eventually realizes that she is the Last Hope and can help salvage their session.




Strife SpecibusEdit

Fetch ModusEdit



The PicaroonEdit


Dareas PlanciEdit


Austri FarsasEdit



  • Lodove had a completely different design before Aly stuck to this one.
  • There was already a female burgundy blood in creation from Aly. She was originally going to be in love with Austri and actually team up with her, but that was scrapped.
    • She was also supposed to have telekinetic powers. That, too, was scrapped.

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