Aletha Harlan

Aletha Harlan



If you actually took time to think about

it, it would be quite obvious,

wouldn't it?

Aletha Harlan


Teal blooded Landdweller (#01ab89)

Typing Quirk

If you actually took time to think about it, it would be quite obvious, wouldn't it?

Fetch Modus

Magnifying Glass (The user must Examine the card closely, which has a picture of a zoomed in portion of the item contained, making it difficult to determine what is actually in the card.)

Strife Specibus



Glakoz Karden(Kismesis), Giant Two-headed Python(Lusus)

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Mage of Heart


Land of Towers and Mist

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to Enter,(Served By ?), Server to ?






Be The Intelligent Bitch

Your name is not "Intelligent Bitch" Nor will it ever be. The very notion seems extremely absurd. Do you even need know to know my name? Well I guess for formal reasons, I should let you know, it's Aletha Harlan.

You are now Aletha Harlan

You spend most your time EXPLORING THE JUNGLE, observing the wildlife, and HUNTING them also. When you're not doing that you read about your favorite human detective, SHERLOCK HOLMES. Oh you wish to be as keen to detail as him, but you're just NOT THAT OBSERVANT. You like to venture into the city at times, sporting your best sleuth attire searching for a nice crime to pick apart, though you know it's just for fun. You enjoy both human and trollian law and entertainment, indulging yourself in both to an almost obsessive point. The posters on your walls reflect your interests, one being the dreamy Sherlock Holmes; aka BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. With his fair skin and high intellect who wouldn't admire him? LIKE REALLY!? Along side him are posters of your other favorite human entertainment show, DOCTOR WHO. You love that show though half the time you don't know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, but you think it's over all brill. From watching all those shows with the WEIRD SPEAKING HUMANS you took on a lot of their words, which you like to use in random conversations to sound smart. You also like ART, though you don't think you're good at it. You like a lot of things and often switch between them a lot. Though you live alone in your mind palace, you mean hive palace, (hee hee) you're very much okay with it.


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Your hive consists of a complex collection of buildings located in the jungle-like trees, with nets and swings connecting each structure. Her lusus living at the jungle floor, protects it from intruders.


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  • Her sign is the symbol for Venus/Copper.


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