Nipanti Inaure




Fuschia (#9A0859)

Typing Style

Types curtly. Very to the point. Never wastes time with capitalization or punctuation besides exclamation points/question marks, or the occassional comma. In an aggitated state, Nipanti is prone to /higlighting/ certain phrases, or even s/k/e/w/e/r/i/n/g words.


AgerasiaCutlass symbol
Her symbol appears to be a derivative of the mark belonging to the Imperial Condesce.


Once an object is placed in this modus, it disappears completely, only to reappear later unpredicatably. It is not possible to control this modus, but you can be sure that what you put in will be thrown at you in the order you put it in. (You just have no idea when it will be thrown at you.)Despite its obvious downfalls, Nipanti enjoys challenges and surprise this modus presents.

Strife Specibus

Claw-kind; retractable and lightweight for ease of motion while swimming, made especially for her by her friend *FRIEND'S PAGE BEING CREATED*(Worn solely on the right hand.)
AgerasiaCutlass weapon

SGRUB Session


Sylph of Heart


Land of Glass and Lightning

Dream Self

AgerasiaCutlass dream self


Deceased lusus, left-leg anklet


character's team name, if any, goes here

Team Position

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Social 250px-Trollmance.jpg


Giant Squid









==> Be the estranged heiress.

Your name is NIPANTI INAURE. Your page is still under construction, but for now, it seems you have a short bio prepared for visitors! You can be described as a very energetic troll, perhaps even over-zealous at times. You enjoy CHALLENGES of all types, and have yet to turn down a dare.
Your blood is of the highest possible caliber, although you were isolated from imperial affairs long ago. Her Imperial Condesce told you long ago that caring for your lusus was much more important for you than seeing to the care of Gl'bgolyb, and various other trivial court matters; which, as a young troll, you accepted as truth. Now you simply see it as another challenge to face, which is why you obssess over becoming more powerful, leading to your strange habit of always sounding as though you're in a hurry.
You don't hold you lusus accountable for your misfortunes, and seem to believe that you simply need to become more fit to rule to be allowed back into court.
It appears you're rather naive.
This would normally cause problems, seeing as Alternian trolls are a very manipulative race, but your caste is nearly impervious to mind-control (which is why they never develope psychic powers of their own).
Besides that, it appears that you have no problem with bloodshed, so long as it's justified. It's grim, but the way you see it, at times it's necessary. So, for the most part, you're left to be your silly, naive self.
Your trollTag is agerasiaCutlass and you tend to be very /c/u/r/t/ and /dramatic/!

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