Suigin Mercur



Blood Caste/ Text Color

  1. 088840

Jade Green

Typing Quirk


Fetch Modus

Alchemy Modus

Strife Specibus





Five sweeps

Enter Name Edit

You are now SUIGIN MERCUR. You have an interest in TROLL ALCHEMY and the art of BLACK MAGIC SCIENCE, but your interest in RED ROMANCE outweighs both. You turned FIVE SWEEPS OLD not long ago. You like to CAUSE TROUBLE, but never anything MAJOR.

Your HIVE sits atop a large HILL, giving you access to what may be the GREATEST VIEW in ALL OF ALTERNIA. It's littered with small snippets of red romance SHIPS and ALGEBRA WORKSHEETS. Visitors rarely ever come around, so your only friends are ONLINE. You enjoy making ANIMATIONS on your HUSKTOP, which you got when you turned THREE SWEEPS.

Your LUSUS is a strange looking WHITE PANDA, which baffles you. It's more interested in finding SOURCES OF ALTERNIAN BAMBOO than you, so you were never PROPERLY EDUCATED.

Your TROLLIAN HANDLE is alchemyMagician, and you (tend+to)-speak+like+(your+words)-are+a÷mathematical=expression.

Your FETCH MODUS is the ALCHEMY MODUS. You can't release an item until you put it into a formula with another item. It the combo doesn't work, the items are terminated. However, if it's correct, both items are ejected from your sylladex. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is PENCILKIND.

Examine Self Edit

You are short for a troll

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