AloofObserver ArimentArquin sprite

AloofObserver ArimentArquin sprite-dream

AloofObserver ArimentArquin sprite-flarp

AloofObserver ArimentArquin alterniabound small


Ariment Arquin




Yellow-green (#8dc63f, RGB 141, 198, 63)


7½ sweeps / 16¼ years

Typing Quirk

Capitalises letters from his first name. Rarely uses punctuation.


ᛗ - Mannaz


Rubik's Modus

Strife Specibus


SGRUB Session
If you wANT To bE fIRsT To juMp hEAdfIRsT INTo A clusTERfuck of RANdoM ENcounTERs oR whATEvER, bE My guEsT


Page of Chaos


Land of Hills and Shadow

Dream Self

Derse (asleep)


None yet.



Team Position




"Snakedad" (unnamed naga, male)

Matesprit ♥


Kismesis ♠


Auspistice ♣


Moirail ♦


> Be the unempathetic loner.Edit

Your name is ARIMENT ARQUIN, a young troll 7½ SWEEPS OLD.

You are a QUIET TYPE, and not likely to initiate conversation. You tend to take a backseat in any discussions and simply GO WITH THE FLOW, as it were. You are however a rather AVID FAN OF FLARPING, and you go for wiping the floor with your opponents with VARYING DEGREES OF SUCCESS. Still, it has earned you a FAIR SHARE OF LOOT. It has been a while since your last session, however, and you regularly go into the wilderness to HUNT WILD BEASTS to make sure you don't get too rusty.

Your INTERESTS are not very varied, nor are there many of them. You're mainly interested in YOURSELF, and how to make yourself even greater than you already are. Frankly, you kinda PITY anyone that isn't you. Besides that, you hold a secret interest for FASHION. You spend part of your free time thinking up new outfits, but NEVER REALLY MAKE ANY. Just as well, 'cause you kinda suck at it.

Your LUSUS is a MIGHTY AQUATIC SLITHERBEAST, something you are quite PROUD about — water-dwelling lusii rarely go for anything but water-dwelling high-blood scum, after all. You chose to build your HIVE in a place near water for his convenience, as he can get quite IRATE after being on land for too long. He has let you know as much on the few occasions you've dragged him along with you to HUNT. He also has SHARP CLAWS that hurt.

Your weapon of choice is the WHIP SWORD, but you've really been putting off getting some practice with the thing. You nearly poked your eyes out on one occasion, and you find it simpler to stick to REGULAR BLADES AND WHIPS for the most part — it's the combination that's tricky.

Your trolltag is aloofObserver and you MAkE youRsElf ouT To bE kINd of A bIg dEAl.

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