Catha Badhbh


AM big



Typing Quirk:

begins with a <3, lisps, replaces l with w, adds w infront of u, adds ~ before ! and ?, uses :> and :< instead of :) and :(

Blood Caste:


Strife Specibus:



6.92 Sweeps


Necklace Modus, and can only remove and add items at each end of the stack, items display as though they are strung together on a necklace..




Matesprit ♥:


Moirail ♦:


Auspistice ♣


Kismeisis ♠


>Be the bubbly two-faced one.Edit

Your name is CATHA BADHBH

You are the SWEETEST TROLL, others often find it disconcerting talking to you. Your network of friends is STAGGERING, and you spend all hours of the day keeping in touch with all your buddies. Seriously, each day you go down a list and check in, making sure everyone is OK, and generally being supportive and cheerful. Most trolls think the only reason you survived this far is due to your BLOOD COLOR, although you are one of the trolls who think blood-status is STUPID. However, most can't help but open up to you, as you are generally seen as the most HARMLESS troll in existence. This is partially true, as you have no interest in raising your hands towards other trolls in displays of physical violence, however you find it fun to gather and store DIRTY SECRETS about other trolls, and use the trust other trolls place in you to MANIPULATE their thoughts and actions.

You don't have much personal time, spending most of your day TROLLING, but you enjoy making JEWELRY and LACE DECORATIONS for yourself and your friends, you are one of the few trolls who take an interest in STYLE and FASHION, and you run an ANONYMOUS ADVICE BLOG under the pen name astuteCommiserator. You have set it up so you can trace back each comment, and this is mainly just another one of your INFORMATION GATHERING TRAPS.

Your RESPIBLOCK is in a highly populated area, and is at the very top of a COMMUNAL HIVE STEM. It is very big and spacious, as suited to a BLUE BLOOD like yourself. Hey, you may think it's stupid, but if your blood will get you a SWEET PAD then who are you to object? You enjoy the placement of your home as it allows you to go for walks without running across DANGEROUS BEASTS, and lets you run in to other trolls frequently. You have yet to come across a troll that you were unable to BEFREND or AGGRIEVE SUCCESSFULY, and you feel safe enough on your walks that you rarely take your LUSUS, except for his twice-a-day WALKIES.

Your TROLLTAG is ambrosialMunitions and <3 yowuu thpeak in a way that ith just soo cwute~!

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