Micris Nepere
Micris's Symbol




Sacre bleu. Well, according to ma rezearch, we are all going to be screwed. 8[


Maid of Breath


9 Sweeps (19.5 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Types In A Stylized French Accent. Uses 8[ And Variants As Emotes. Shouts Phrases In French When Startled OR Flustered.


Alchemical Symbol For Glass

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



The Advisory- Ancestor

The Sidekick- Inverted Self

Traspa Nepere- Dancestor

Vitrum- Lusus

Pyrulo Aquila- Best Bro

Lives in



The Land of Vines and Hurricans


Volcanology, Glass Blowing, Collecting Glass And Crystal Antiques, Fine Wine


Cold Temperatures, Broken Glass



Vitrum (Moon Jellyfish)










The Advisory


Traspa Nepere

Session Info


Maid of Breath


Land of Vines and Hurricanes


Quest of Calemnes


Tier 1: Jacques Cousteau Bust

Tier 2: Dead Lusus


Quest of Calemnes

Team Position:



Oui, mon cherie, now hurry up viz zat.

You are now MICRIS NEPERE. You are a brainy sort of gal with an indescribable love for VOLCANOLOGY. It is such an intriguing topic to you as you find the idea of FIRE far below you own TWO FEET pushing up onto the surface to be most exhilarating. Stemming from this is your love of molten things, more specifically, METAL and GLASS. Especially when they are blown into intricate figures. You have taken up this hobby and have produced several PRETTY PIECES from it although they are mostly suitable for decoration. In your mind, BEAUTY tends to come before FUNCTION, especially with figurines. However, it is a trait you REFUSE to embrace in yourself. You view yourself as quite plain, almost as if you were another grain of sand in the vast DESERT of life.

You also love to surround yourself with GLASS and CRYSTAL ANTIQUES. You know you are plain, but as a BLUE BLOOD, you do demand a level of CLASSINESS. You are quite proud of your collection especially the ones you either GREW yourself. So much time has gone to these things that you are sure that if they were to BREAK you would SCREAM. The other antiques were found overtime with some even being PLUNDERED from the deep by your lusus. He may seem useless, but he has brought you back some of the most beautiful things some of which you swear come from SEADWELLERS. Hell, you even view him as quite beautiful, especially the way he seems to GLOW under the starry sky. You think life WOULD SUCK without him and often trek down to the NEARBY SHORE to spend time with him. Now if only you could swim underwater like troll JACQUES COUSTEAU. He is an idol to you and you would love to make your own APPARATUS that would allow a land dweller like you to dive without drowning.

Then again diving to the ocean's depths would suck as you fucking HATE THE COLD. You swear that you hate it more than BROKEN GLASS although the latter does indeed suck. Especially if you have a vintage WINE that took months of saving to buy. Especially the ones aged for nearly a century, those are your favorite and ROUNDING off the night with a glass of VIN and a nice, excruciatingly long, scientific read is a common pastime. Anything that claims to be as relaxing can go munch a nice pile of CRAP should it even bother to suggest itself. However, you are not sure why you do enjoy it so much. Maybe it is because of the whole SOCIAL HIERARCHY BULLSHIT. Even worse is the fact that you have CAUGHT YOURSELF being quite TIPSY. Maybe it isn't such a good idea to surround yourself with so much glass. At least a fellow SCIENCE FANATIC has had the mind to keep your ass in shape.

Your trolltag is amorphousMicroscopy [AM] and you talk viz a very sophisticated accent.

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Trivia and EtymologyEdit

  • Micris comes from Microscopium, the constellation for the microscope.
    • Her sign is supposedly the alchemical symbol for glass, a common feature in microscopes.
    • This is pretty old and may look distorted, but it may prove the above point.
    • The root word of microscope means tiny, this fits with her smallish horns.
    • A microscope is a commonly used tool in laboratories of which another troll she works with is known for.
    • She was originally going to have Microscopium as her symbol.
  • Nepere comes from Neper, a constellation representing an auger. Whether it did or not is disputed though.
    • It does sound somewhat French fitting with her classy, plain lady shtick, as well as her taste for fine wine and Jacques Cousteau appreciation. However, the wine part is mostly stereotypical.
  • Her strife specibi, Maquahuitlkind, was inspired by the actual Aztec Maquahuitl. It was an exceptionally deadly sword-like weapon sometimes made with obsidian, a type of volcanic glass. They were often described as "razor sharp."
  • Her lusus is basically a giant moon jellyfish of which are known to be transparent and sort of glow from bioluminiscence.
    • Vitrum basically means glass although the word does have some ties to the words glow and shine.
  • Her ancestor, the Advisory was a well respected lab assistant of the brilliant albeit mad scientist, Ze Doktor. (Pyrulo's ancestor.) However, she was later jettisoned out into space after betraying Correspa during the war with Precedus.
    • Coincidentally, her story ends similarly to the story "Cold Equations" by Tom Goodwin.
    • The design of her goggles (and Ze Doktors) were based off of and inspired by "The Doctor" on the Millenium organization in the anime Hellsing.


  • The Advisory, Rendered In A More Symbolic Fashion
  • Traspa, Micris's Prissy Dancestor
  • The Witch Rendered Symbolically

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