6onk 6onk motherFuckers.


Kendov Vedsil


Prince of Time


7 Solar Sweeps (15.17 human years).

Screen Name


Typing Style

b = 6, f = F

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of Night and Cogs

Enter name.Edit

Your name is KENDOV VEDSIL.

You have a somewhat decent array of INTERESTS. For one, you enjoy playing VIDEO GAMES on your COMPUTER or HUSKTOP if you need to go somewhere. Which you usually don't. Your next most enjoyed activity is PLAYING WITH FIRE. You've always liked fire, especially since you are able to CREATE FLAMES IN YOUR HANDS. Your hands have also GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO THE HEAT, and you can't even feel it anymore. But on the rest of your body you still can. You've learned that the hard way a couple of times. You also like to FLARP. You've practiced FLARPing for sweeps. You consider yourself to be pretty good, since you can usually take out the enemies in a couple of hits. Granted they don't hit you. Since you prefer to avoid all damage, you have trained yourself to be a AGILE and QUICK ON YOUR FEET. But if you do get hit, damn does it hurt. You have a VERY LOW PAIN TOLERANCE for some reason. Just one decent hit will send you retreating. Uhg. Anyway, your STRIFE SPECIBI is set to BATKIND, which, of course, lets you specialize in hitting things in the face with baseball bats.

In more recent events, you have been asked by your friends if you would like to play a game today. You thought "Why the hell not?", since you're always up for games. You're very COMPETITIVE, so you're aiming to win. You will communicating through the beta of a new chat program called TROLLIAN. It seems to be very efficient at what it does. Your trolltag is animaComedentis and you speak in a generally normal manner, 6ut with a Few quirks.

See AlsoEdit

Kodaav Vedsil

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