Dante's Symbol
Donn Ezekel
Doom Symbol


Prince of Doom


17 EarthYears

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses Proper Spelling And Punctuation.


Crescent Moon and Stars

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Jigsaw Puzzle


Uncle Fabio- Guardian

Gramma Ezekel- Grandmother

Lives in



The Land of Vents and Decay


Creepypastas, Scary Stories, Ghost Stories, Heavy Music


The Light, Preppy People, Top 40 Radio


You are now DONN EZEKEL and you honestly don't give a hoot!


Quiet and shifty, Donn usually stays to himself and takes nothing seriously. A natural goofball and quite the apathetic one, he usually bolts at the first signs of danger.


The seventh of the L.O.W.S. team, Donn was born into an odd situation. He grew up with not only his grandmother, but also his "Uncle Fabio" the leader of Terra. As a result, he lived in the imperial palace his entire life with everything his heart could wish for. As the heir to the throne, he faced many threats on a daily basis from would be dictators which led to his distant personality.

Despite the pressure, he managed to befriend Kwon Angell and Kara Alphus both of whom he introduced to Dill McClaw, Jonn Alcard, Lois Stones, and Joel Dargon. He was the last to be initiated into the group and like his peers has vowed to cosplay his alter ego every year at the gaming convention.


Donn's session was odd as well. He was the server player of Ursahd Plioci and the client player of Lois Stones. His connection to Ursahd and Ursahd's connection to Wren merged both the S.A.P.S. and L.O.W.S. sessions with the trolls in between. Once in the Medium he found the sullen Land of Vents and Decay, a rotten world of tar pits and vents that belch sulfur and smoke. His consorts, while prone to getting stuck in the pits, were green chameleons. Donn's quest was to seal the vents, rescue his consorts, and freeze the tar pits before fighting Thanatos. Along the way, he would have to learn how to sing Doom.


  • Apathy refers to his attitude and Greyscale refers to his thinking patterns and tendency to see no colors in life.
    • Donn is also colorblind, hence his text. On Prospit and in Hero Tier, he can see full color.


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