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Selima Serian

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'('3')< did yOu just stab vOOdOO-selima? gOd damnit yOu prOmised yOu wOuldn't


Seer of Heart

Screen Name


Typing Style

prefix- ('3'), capitalizes o's

Strife Specibi


Straig Nitezo- Kismesis
Mareit Azazel - Auspitice
Puffermother- Lusus (deceased)


Land of Earth and Bamboo


Selima Serian, also known by her trolltag, appleArsenic , is a sea dwelling troll. Selima spends most of her time in the deep sea. She says it's "so Straig won't bother her", but in reality, she just prefers to isolate herself from time to time. She comes to the surface to visit Straig and Mariet. Selima can come off as intimidating, but is generally very sweet. She can be hostile towards her kismesis, to the point of breaking her values and calling him a "lowblood" due to her high blood, despite his teal blood. Selima takes advantage of her royal blood and will do anything to protect her friends of the lower spectrum.


Selima's lusus, Puffermother, was a pufferfish. Puffermother was a very protective and easily angered lusus, who died before Sgrub while searching for food.

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