Vanduo Kolani



Blood color

Purple (8000ff)

Typing Quirk

all lowercase letters. no punctuation. every sentence ends with a period.


Stylized Water Molecule

Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus





Your name is VANDUO KOLANI. You are an avid AMATEUR SCIENTIST; although your experiments rarely end in success, you are certain you will one day make some sort of TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH. To this end, you study as many branches of science as possible.

You are a rather relaxed person, unusual among your species. You are obsessed with WATER and are frequently known to swim in the RIVER that flows by your hive. You have also known to attempt SURFING on the rare occasion you risk heading to the ocean. You deepest wish is to become an AQUATIC TROLL and live out the remainder of your life UNDERWATER.

You have harnessed the power of the river's flowing water through a complex system of CANALS AND WATERWHEELS that run your hive's ELECTRODYNAMO. This is one of only two of your SUCCESSFUL INVENTIONS, the other being the MAGNIFYING LENS ARRAY strapped to your head.

Your TrollTag is aquaticTinkerer and your typin reflects a laid back attitued.

What will you do?

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