Lowell (1)

Classy Suspender Civilian Clothes

Lowell Connors


Seer of Mind


17 Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

He types like a normal person. That's really it.


None. That would distract from your sweet suspenders and bow tie.

Fetch Modus

Rubik's Cube- items are converted into Rubix cubes, and to get the item, you have to solve the cube.

Strife Specibus


Sburb Session

Sburb Omicron


Land of Light and Knowledge

Be a Puzzle Genius.Edit

You are Lowell Connors. A super solver, and puzzle block genius. Ever since you first picked up a Rubix Cube a couple mothns ago, you have been obssesed, and now own several other variations of it. So obssesed in fact, that you put a Rubik's cube into your strife specibus. This means that different color combinations on different faces will yield different attack, which is unpredictable, and awesome. Besides that, you also like videogames, especially racing and puzzle games.

You have been best friends with Ethan Johnsson for, eight-ish years, you think? You two have been friends so long, that you don't even really remember how you met. There's just a period where you didn't know him, then, all of a sudden, there was a period in which you did. wierd huh?

Your Room.Edit

You have an average room. All your shelves are lined with legos, puzzle cubes, and all sorts of mindbening puzzles.

Your amazing abilities.Edit

You have been given the powers of the Seer of Mind. This allows you to know all the outcomes of every decision made by everyone, which would be awesome if your God Tier outfit wasn't the very definition of gay.

Seer of Mind

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