Cat paw
Elle Hawker

Elle 2

Elle dream

Elle knight of space

I can't even begin to explain how wrong all of that is; grammatically and otherwise.


Knight of Space


19 years old

Screen Name


Typing Style

This style of typing is rather common, not only in a proper way, but as a clear way for others to understand. Of course, there are times when words cannot describe feelings and just dklfelkhohklbjcg

Strife Specibi


==> Enter your name.Edit

Your name is ELLE HAWKER.

Incredibly INTROVERTED, you have trouble talking to others outside your BEDROOM. Well, you have trouble stepping out of your BEDROOM to begin with. Still, you try to be social, but that just ain't your STRONG SUIT. Thankfully, you have a COMPUTER and VIDEO GAME SYSTEM that allows you to interact with others.

Your Pesterchum is asphyxiatingGamer, and you talk with decent grammar and spelling, though you use lower-cased emoticons to express yourself. :3 When expressing something that has no words, you asdlkgfgjgrlkhgn without any punctuation necessary. (Normally, not with this font color, but it would be a pain to read with this grey background otherwise.)

What will you do?

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