Columb Ruitem
Space crimson


Columb Extensions

Columb Dream

Columb Extensions Dream

Columb God Tier

Columb Extensions God Tier

#<3 RRigh7.... NNow 7ha7's over and down wi7h, how abou7 we do some7hing usefu1? #wha7 the fuck #come on guys


Sylph of Space


7.5 Solar Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Doubles up all capital letters, replaces "t" with "7", replaces "l" with "1". She also makes bird puns when possible. Starts all messages with "#<3". Also uses hashtags a lot.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

All items that you pick up must be under 140 characters. Whenever you pick something up or take something out, a status is automatically uploaded to your Twittroll feed.


The Explorer (Heir of Space) - Ancestor
Vintro Ruitem (Knight of Space) - Dancestor
Pruina Cantus ((notedTragedy)) - Moirail


Land of Radiation and Feathers

==> Be the astral woman

You are 7 and a half solar sweeps old, and you appear to have a fascination with the colour green. You have no idea why, but you happily oblige to this, to the point of typing in green instead of your blood colour.

Your hive is extravagantly decorated with the colour green, and your clothes take the same colour. Anyone who didn't know you would assume you were a jade-blood, however you are actually a bright shade of yellow! Your lusus is a dove, and as such, you don't call her anything because that is a childish thing that wrigglers do.

You like to consider yourself as a troll version of Leonardo Da Vinchi, even though you have no idea who he is. You have tonnes of sketches for complicated machines littered around your room, and a few prototypes that failed miserably.

You also share your moirail's taste in music, which is actually how the two of you met. You are often referred to by other trolls as a "Redslut", because you can't seem to stop yourself developing a flush crush on a lot of people you meet.

Columb's a Celebrity?Edit

Well, kind of.

She is the owner of a giant social media company, called "Twittroll" designed to up Trollian by being more simplistic and user friendly. It isn't very successful, however, as most trolls just see it as limited, instead of simple. Columb doesn't agree that it's not successful, and simply disregards all comments implying such things.

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