Harkas Mislen

That is absurd. Why would I do that in the first place.

Harkas High Blood

That is absurd. Why would I do that in the first place.

Harkas Dream Self

That is absurd. Why would I do that in the first place.


Harkas Mislen




Maid of Hope


Ambiguous, (#b5504e - #b54e50)

Typing Quirk

Nearly perfect syntax and grammar, doesn't use contractions and rarely uses question or exclamation marks to follow her ambiguity tendencies.


Taurus ♉, Handwritten "S" sign


Library, Dewey Decimal System

Strife Specibus

BookKind, PenKind


Stemfa Hesper (Deceased)
Naikea Hejima


Land of Pastel and Crayon

Enter Name.Edit

Your name is Harkas Mislen and you are 6 Solar Sweeps Old.

And let's not say anything that can ruin your reputation as decent person before talking about your past, alright? You used to have many interests, that included cooking, reading, and calligraphy, along with Roleplaying with your acquaintances from time to time, back when you were 5. You were pretty cute back then. This stable social life of yours managed to get you know a certain troll, in one of your many FLARP spectator sessions. This troll became your Matesprit, and soon the most important troll of your life. She was awesome! Badass, confident, even if a bit stupid at times, you did your best to help her whenever possible. Specially FLARP. You didn't really roleplay with her, but whenever she lost limbs you would go and fix her up, with the aid of another girl who knew how to handle robots, and sewed her limbs back with these.

You spent at least a sweep being happy ever after, until she died. That's what you strongly believe at least, you never saw her corpse, but she did die. And that of course, ruined your life. Another thing of yours, is that your blood has a... rather ambiguous tone. You pretty much assumed it was red until you met her, and her influence and constant belief on you being some kind of Land Dweller Pinkblooded legend really made you change your mind about that option, so your hopes built up and... well, still are there! She influenced you so badly you live with those thoughts up in your head, that ambiguity affecting even your personality. After that incident, you decided to run away as a different person, convinced your blood could be higher. But you weren't sure, considering you spent Sweeps without looking at your own wounds.

So you drew yourself a symbol that fitted your horns and called it yours, changed your wardrobe to the skirt she had given you, moved to a place farther away and began living the life you call yours. So of course, saying that you're a vague and stuck-up bitch is obviously justified. Most of your interests reduced to an absolute zero, except reading and a bit of Calligraphy, and you became so scared of showing any kind of emotions to people, being afraid of them dying after you did, (because her death happened right after you began acting a bit more affective, of course), that you just stopped talking to them, and spent your time reading mostly everything that fell in your hands for the rest of that Sweep. Until you turned 6. By that time, not only your intelligence had rose up at least a few meters, but your lack of social abilities and gullibility did as well.

Though then you realized the internet still existed, and tried building a new social life just for you once again.


Harkas Mislen

AB Sprite

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