The introvert at the desk

Your name is ZENITH VALKAR. You enjoy PLAYING GAMES, DRAWING, CHATTING with your friends on TROLLIAN, and opening locks with your SONIC SCREWDRIVER. Your SMALL DRAGON LUSUS is very loyal and stays by you when you ADVENTURE through the VAST DUNGEON you built your house over.

==> Be the introvert at the deskEdit

Your computer is your trusty drawing pad, equipped with stylus and hologram. Perfect for drawing, but most of the time you keep the hologram off, so that your conversations remain secret. Dragon mom helps you boost your confidence so that you can converse with others.


Zenith doesn't care about the hemospectrum much and doesn't hesitate to point out what she thinks is stupid or wrong. Even though she has good judgement, Zenith doesn't always see eye-to-eye, and therefore gets frustrated when someone counters her views. Thus, she has chosen not to become a Legislacerator. She is very kind and will consider you a friend if she's known you long enough. Her calm nature allows her to be a good moirail to her friend, Ditora Nirvam, and helps pacify the otherwise blood thirsty purple-blood. (TBC, I have yet to fully develop her other friends, thank for read and goodnight)

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