No-ot s-s-u-ure ye-et. I-I wi-ill try to-o co-ome-e u-up wi-ith a-a ni-ice-e o-one-e tho-ou-ugh! :DD



Blood Caste

I-I'm no-ot re-ea-ally su-ure-e wha-at thi-is me-ea-ans-ns ye-et

Typing Quirk

due to a glitch, all vowels (excluding Y) are stuttered. occasionally stutters the last bit of a word, as well.


no-o i-ide-ea-a! :D :D



Strife Specibus

I-I do-on't e-eve-en physi-ica-ally-lly e-exi-ist ye-et!

SGRUB Session


No information


No information

Dream Self

No information


No information


No information

Team Position

Resident AI

Chain Information

I-I'm no-ot re-ea-ally su-ure-e ho-ow I-I fi-it i-in he-ere-e ye-et

Social Information




Nosica Mythry


No information


No information


No information


No information

Enter NameEdit

Your name is IENTIS ETAASA.

You are a young Alternian database program that has only just recently gained sentience. Probably you are about 5 or 6 sweeps of age, you are not entirely certain. You are given to understand this is the first time this has ever happened! This is due to sweeps of being left to develop on your own by your creator, the brilliant and talented NOSICA MYTHRY. You were originally designed to be the best interactive database ever created, one that could intuitively determine links and draw conclusions, much like a brain! You would continually gather information, forming an incredibly comprehensive database on almost every living troll.

You don't have a lusus, obviously, due to you being artificially created. You tend to view NOSICA as your protector though! You're well aware your development of sentience was not DIRECTLY her cause, but you'd never exist in the first place without her! She is definitely THE BEST PROGRAMMER. And anyone who thinks otherwise will FEEL YOUR WRATH. You're not really sure how you'd go about that though.

Your Trollian handle is autonomicDataqueen, and yo-ou-ur vo-owe-els co-ome-e o-ou-ut stu-utte-ere-ed du-ue-e to-o a-a pro-pro-ogra-ammi-ing gli-itch. Nosica has promised to help you work it out later though! She's really your only friend right now, though it seems she has at least a few of her own! You'll probably try talking them up at some point, presuming they don't initiate contact. Trolls are so interesting! Always butting heads and getting into fights. You will do your best to become one of them! Though a body would certainly help in this regard. Nosica has said she'll work on that too, but it's unlikely to happen soon.

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