Tursio Valden




Walk up in theee club likeee 'I dunno what theee fuck is going on but I'm chill.'


Bard of Blood

Screen Name


Typing Style

Multiplies ‘e’ by three, uses <>~^-^~<>.


Dolphin sigil

Strife Specibi



Dolphindad (Lusus)

Has numerous moirails,considered a ‘pale player.’

Your name is TURSIO VALDEN, and you a SLUT.


Not like that, you fool.

You are TURSIO VALDEN, UNCARING CIVILIAN. You have VIOLET BLOOD, which pretty much means you're a SEADWELLER, but you don't care. Being technical ROYALTY never meant much to you; you'd rather just sit around and NOT CARE.

By not caring, you mean FISHING and SWIMMING all day long. You love the WATER, obviously, which is why you built your hive SEASIDE. You spend hours everyday on the dock with your FISHINGPOLEKIND, hoping to string up some dinner. When the day's slow, you go on your own to the REEFS for crustaceans and other things.

Outdoor activities aren't your only passion, though. You enjoy a fine VIDEO GAME on occasion, and have a passion for WRITING ELABORATE NOVELS, but you never FINISH THEM. Your ROMANTIC DESIRE shines through in them, as well as your real life romance. You're considered a sort of 'PALE PLAYER'; you have NUMEROUS MOIRAILS who don;t know about each other.

Your trolltag is baitedBreath and you'reee totally chill... All reeelaxeed and fineee!


Tursio is incredibly lax, not giving two shits either way about most things. He's mostly concerned about himself, and enjoys his simple life as a fishertroll. Because of this, he finds it hard to care about important things.

However, he can care when it comes down to it. If his way of life is threatened, or one of his moirails, he'll become rabid. On the subject of romance, he loves pale romance, and will go to great lengths for it. He doesn't really think about having numerous moirails, but he's incredibly good to all the ones he has. The ones that know about his situation are okay with it, if they're still with him.