Peroon Svarog, also known by her Trolltag beastlyNesti, is a blueblood troll. Behorned and trustfull, this strong Alternian female youngling is an Artic Troll, living in the really high up norths. She lives in The Land of Powdersnow and Pine. Her mark is of the traditional Lusus paw of her family tree, The Snowbeast.

Peroon Svarog

Peroon Usir

I make this suit look good

Hзllo thзrз, comrдdз.

Peroon Svarog


? blooded ?(Sea/Land)dweller (#4252ad)

Typing Quirk


Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus

Batonkind, Rodkind, Pokekind.



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Land of Powdersnow and Pine

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to Enter,(Served By ?), Server to ?






Your name is Peroon Svarog, even though names are not of your interest. The outer door, the windows and the roof is all sealed up with snow and ice, it has been like that for a whole sweep now. You often changed hives with your lusus all the time before you got sick and he took care of you in this one. It allways snow where you live, and you know your lusus knows a way out. But of course, he will never tell you that, since you are still sick. But being sick is boring!

So to take your time away, you have trained your precious muscles to tip top shape from a working out program from an other blueblood that he instructed to you on the Trollian Chatting System. You also love fluffy things, like your jacket and an other troll you really like to chat with. They are also a blueblood like yourself, but they use Orange-toned text because they prefer it. But you are okay with such.

You loved to beat up creatures out in the snow during thoose earlier sweeps, since you are strong enough to do it and you were just a little weaker back then, plus that you are sick. And you freaking hate it.

Your lusus is a big Tusked Ursinebeast. He loves you so much. Snugging you when going to sleep, licking your wounds clean, getting your food now that you are sick. He is about five times your size, but you do not mind him carrying you or grappling you and cuddle up. You will never let him die, he is too precious to you. Even if he is a fatty with a big butt.

Your strifespecibus is BATONKIND, RODKIND and POKEKIND. Theese consists of your mainweapons whom you dual wield, your STEADYTON BATON and your EDGED MALLETROD OF MOTHER ALTERNIA

Your trolltag is beastlyNesti , and you have the tendency to Spздk iи ди rдthзr vзird, boot rдthзr commoи Northзrи дltзrиiди vдy. Yooo зvзи typз диd vritз t hз sдmз vдy! Boot yohr comrдdзs hдvз lздrизd hov to mдkз it ooot.


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  • HatterBearsprite
  • TiK toC on the KloCK motherCloCKer
  • Up шith fists, comЯдdз

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