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Aditya Kapoor (A-DEET-ya KUH-poor), also known as bifuriousMathematician, is a troll that resides on Alternia. He is a bipolar scientist/mathematician and does his best at his work. He also builds small devices from time to time and enjoys roleplaying, as well as FLARPing. Especially the fatal and brutal kind. His symbol is a 'P' shaped anchor, which stood for a Polish Resistance during WWII. Aditya's name means 'sun', as his last name Kapoor means 'descendant of the moon'. This basically states that his personality is like the sun and moon, meaning he has his ups and downs.

His horns are shaped the same way as the ends of his symbol are. Awkwardly.

wH47 7H3 H3LL D0 y0U w4n7?!


Baron of Trust


8 1/2 Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

He tends to use l337 when speaking, but the l337 changes throughout a conversation. When he's angry, he speaks in extreme l337, which is hard to read or understand, which pisses him off more.


'P' w/ anchors

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus/Sylladex

Texas Instruments Calculator


Burnt; Darkened Green


Land of Numbers and Ecstasy (LONAE)

Lives In



Matesprit ♥

Lucill Sadhta

Moirail ♦


Auspistice ♣


Kismesis ♠

Lucill Sadhta

Game Session










>Be the math nerd.

Your name is ADITYA KAPOOR. You detest that name, but you are stuck with it. You are a troll that resides on ALTERNIA. Your land is the LAND OF NUMBERS AND ECSTASY. Now that we’ve gotten the lest important stuff out of the way, let’s TALK ABOUT YOU. You have a deep passion for MATH AND SCIENCE and you claim to have been doing it since your WRIGGLING DAY, but that’s IMPOSSIBLE. You were only a small grub then. Stop BRAGGING ALL THE TIME! Anyway. Your love for math and science has DRIVEN YOU SOMEWHAT CRAZY. Perhaps you really weren’t born bipolar.

When angry (which is always) you tend to TAKE IT OUT ON OTHERS. When you do so, your victim is always LUCILL SADHTA. You do not feel bad after you’ve done your damage, but you FEEL HAPPIER. When not BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF LUCILL, you are usually doing equations and solving formulas, as well as TESTING THEORIES. These THEORIES usually end up wrong and horrible, which brings back your anger.

You cannot really help yourself, can you? This is why others AVOID YOU.

You share a MATESPRITSHIP with LUCILL SADHTA, as well as a KISMESISHIP. You two are on and off with each other, but you are QUITE POSSESSIVE over items, as well as Lucill. You have CONTROL OVER EVERYTHING she does. What time she sleeps, wake up, eats, EVERYTHING. You care for her deeply, but SOMEONE HAS TO TEACH HER RIGHT.

Anyway. Your troll tag is bifuriousMathematician and you tend to 5P34q L1q3 7H15 Fr0m 71m3 70 71m3. P30PL3 5H0ULD 83 7H4nqFUL. 7H3 w0r57 y0U C4n D0 15 U53 3x7r3m3 L337.

Examine PersonalityEdit

When it comes to it, you don't know what you are. You can be nice or a dick, either one. Sometimes you act like a dick on purpose, but who's going to tell you to stop? No one. Besides, you have a reason for your behavior and those around you know it. No one can tell you any differently. Anyway, moving on. When you are nice (which is rarely) you tend to be over affectionate and a your calm demanor actually fools those around you. But be warned, you are quick to anger.

You have been through a lot, especially when it comes to your science and math problems. Your love for science and math originated when you were introduced to to computers. You also enjoy building small items and programming them to their full extent. When not building or solving equations/or formulas, you take the time to visit Lucill or at least go traveling into others' territories.

You are also aware that those of your caste usually end up becoming Rainbow drinkers. This doesn't seem like the case, but he does want to become a Rainbow drink for "5h17s 4nd g1ggl35". If he does reach that point in his life, it may serve him greatly, especially personality wise. But this would mean you'd become a "vampire", which doesn't seem that fun.

Examine Fetch ModusEdit

Texas Instruments Calculator. Since Texas obviously doesn't exist in Alternia (or anywhere except Earth for that matter), it's just an advanced calculator. But it isn't just any calculator. The calculator you use has multiple applications that you can run by pressing a few keys. In order to summon an item, you have to solve an equation that appears in under 60 seconds. This involves showing your work, which is all done calculator wise. In order to store an item, you have to run through the same process by solving an equation and showing your work. If anything is broken within the calculator, a brief equation appears upon the screen and you must solve it, no work needed.

Examine HiveEdit

You live in a somewhat sunny area. Your hive is tall and grey. There are windows all over and there are wind catchers, as well as pinwheels outside of the hive. Trees surround this hive, making it hard to find. It is on a cliff, near a beach, where far away, your matesprit lives. Since you live on a cliff, you tend to be extremely careful when going for walks/or leaving your hive. The cliff could crack at any moment and you know it. And your hive would be sitting on a sandy beach while you're hiveless. Not cool at all. The inside is pretty snazzy, but there are only a few rooms, so let's talk about yours.

Your room is big and everywhere are papers and old books. Books filled with formulas and images on experiments performed long ago. You love reading and you enjoy reading about famous scientists and mathematicians that came before you. It inspires you. Your resting place is placed in a corner near a window. This is good. You look out the window every morning just to make sure your hive is still in tact.

Examine LususEdit

Your sweet, amazing lusus! Adeesh is indeed the greatest lusus ever. You tend to think so. Even though Adeesh is quite small, you love him anyway. Adeesh is a is an African Buffalo (but Africa doesn't exist!). His horns are quite sturdy and he has the most warm fur ever. Adeesh encourages you and eggs you on to do the things you love and especially harm others out of your own sick pleasure. Adeesh has taken great care of you so far and you hope he lasts for the next few sweeps.

Examine StrifeEdit

Strife! You use two apparently. Fistkind and swordkind. Swordkind is frequently used more than your fists. When it comes to fighting with fists, you save that for Lucill, who doesn't put up a good fight at ALL. Your sword is double ended, with blades on each end. This item rarely needs to be used, but you always give it a good polishing every now and then.

Baron of TrustEdit

Not much can be said about this, but when it comes to those dear to you, you do either two of the things: put your trust in them or break their trust. You love the fact that people can rely on you so easily, but you also enjoy letting them down to an extent. When someone lets you down, you tend to hurt them or even kill them depending on how your personality is at the moment. His baroness of trust is his matesprit/kismesis.

Lucill SadhtaEdit

When you were 4 sweeps old, you met the most dear person to you. Her name was Lucill Sadhta. You found her when you were traveling around into unknown areas. She was laying there, in the grass, gazing up at the Alternian moons. You could tell she was a blueblood by a faint blush she wore upon her face. When your eyes met, an instant connection was made. She felt the same and you knew it. From that day on, you've vowed to protect her and make her happy at all costs. Lucill was nothing but sweet, tolerant, and considerate towards you and if trolls used the word 'love', you'd said you 'loved' everything about her. Over the sweeps, your relationships changed from moirails to matesprits.

You proposed a matespritship by creating a "necklace" for her and she instantly said yes. But over time, you two had always argued because of You had always been jealous and had gone to extremes just to keep her to yourself. You blocked everyone on her Trollian, decided her bedtime and meal times, determined how long she could stay out of her hive, and for her, the worse. Decided where she could go and how long she can leave. You didn't care about her feelings at all and just wanted her...there. Eventually, you resorted to violence (this is where fistkind comes in) to keep her in place. Were you ever sorry? You never thought about that.

Eventually, she ended the matespritship and deemed you her kismesis. You called her your matesprit since you had complete control over her. Ever since then, you two have had a 'love'/hate relationship and you fear the day where Lucill will possibly rise against you and put you in your place.


  • Both Aditya and his matesprit, Lucill, have bull like lusi.
  • His swords were originally supposed to be one sword that could've been split into two swords, but that changed over time, along with his character traits.
  • As for Rainbow drinking, Aditya's rainbow drinking days may come soon. This can only happen if his ass is handed to him to the max and he's been unconcious for hours on end.
  • Since he's a math/science genius, he loves keep track of time, especially seconds, as well as milli-seconds.
  • His glasses are to protect him from the occasional bright sun near his hive, but the trees surrounding the hive does that job for him. If his glasses are taken, he has bags under his eyes and his eyes are also bloodshot.
  • What makes Aditya a baron and Lucill his Baroness, it all came back from their ancestors. Many, many sweeps ago, their ancestors shared the same love hate relationship, except Lucill's ancestor had more balls than Lucill currently.

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