Kelper Cygnus


=l:? II wa2 promII2ed faygo. 2#ould II be concerned, 2eeIIng a2 t#ere II2 none?

Screen Name


Typing Style

Changes I's to II's, s' to 2's, and h's to #'s. Often uses emoticons with a top hat, e.g. =l:D



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Be the top hat guy.Edit

Oh, hell no. We are not delving into this freakshow anytime soon unless we absolutely have to. Goodbye for now.

Be the top hat guy again.Edit

You are now one of the many male trolls with a class of headgear known as a 'top hat'. Your name is KELPER CYGNUS. According to your zodiac sign, you should be a high-level psionic, but you're not. Way to fight the system. You tend to speak in a
rat#er odd manner t#at II2 faIIrly hard to lII2ten to.

And you're really happy. YOU'RE SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME. WHY. You have a rather unsettling obsession with the number two. You've managed to incorporate it into pretty much everything you do. You're so ridiculously fascinated by the number that you actually have to count your words and extend your sentences so that the number of words is a multiple of two. You also have two different colors on your jacket, two-tone glasses (which, by the way, do nothing but look cool), two dented horns, two shoes... one top hat. we must go deeper.  

Maybe people would take you more seriously if you wore pants. Come on, dude. It's not first thing in the morning, just have the decency to be presentable.

Scattered around your room are various pairs of deadly weapons that you really would have no problem wielding. And they're all over the place too. Among other things, you have a sword stashed in a baseball bat, a baseball bat stashed in a sword, and a nice little cigarette box under your pillow inside which you keep around twenty switchblades. These would all be a lot more useful if you didn't have that pesky 'coughsyrupkind' strife specibus. Honestly, it's completely useless.

Name MeaningEdit

BinaryBarbarity has two meanings. The first represents Kelper's skill (or lack thereof) at coding. The second is more literal, as he is fairly obsessed with the number two and is not above barbarically mutilating his enemies.

Reversing the L and P in Kelper leads to Kepler. Kepler-22 is a star in the Northern constellation Cygnus, which houses many binary stars.

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