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Child of Time


Land of Pace and Pinwheels



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Your name is TOLERO NAFADE.


You have a variety of INTERESTS, one of which is WRITING, but you have never actually gotten to the end of a storyline. You have many characters in your arsenal of imaginary go-to guys, and if any of them are insulted in anyway, you generally proceed to go into a BLIND RAGE, which in actuality is usually just a VERY LARGE AND ANNOYING HISSY FIT. You are infamous for SPACING OUT during important conversations because you are thinking about something related to a story you are writing at the time.

You have a tendancy to be SLIGHTLY TWO-FACED. When you are with PEOPLE YOU KNOW WELL, you come off as A BIT BOSSY and MEDDLESOME. You act this way because you care them, though. You swear this up and down. However, when you are with PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW, then you are OVERLY POLITE AND SOMEWHAT SHY, and it usually TAKES A LOT TO GAIN YOUR COMPLETE TRUST. When it comes to PEOPLE YOU DO NOT LIKE, you come off as ANNOYINGLY QUIET and EXTREMELY APOLOGETIC, because you are a NATURAL PEOPLE PLEASER. This is probably why BLACK ROMANCE MAKES YOU EXTREMELY UNCOMFORATABLE.

Your strife specibus is SMALLBLADEKIND, which includes a POCKET KNIFE, a RAZOR BLADE, and a PAIR OF SCISSORS. Your preferred weapon of choice is the SERADED KITCHEN KNIFE, because it’s easy to hold and use for you.

Your trolltag is blacksheepDaydreamer, and you have a tendency to speak-in-a-careful-and-consistant-manner.

Session InfoEdit

Tolero is currently in the Paradox Session with her server player NAJASH GUIVRE, Najash's server TRONNO CONTAR, and several other trolls.

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