Magnus Vanadiel

Magnus vanadiel



(Blood) Color

Pink/Bright Purple (#E000C2)


Replaces u with v and s with §.

Strife Specibus

Rapierkind + Riflekind

Fetch Modus



A large Manta ray named Rhadamantis.

Enter NameEdit

Your name is Magnus Vanadiel.
You have a variety of INTERESTS: HUNTING, MONEY, POWER, and overall SUCCESS.
Being yourself of the NEXT TO HIGHEST CASTE IN EXISTENCE, only slightly lower than the very ALTERNIAN EMPEROR himself, you think that EVERYONE is under you, and must respect, and obey you,that also gave you a BLAZING HATRED for the OUTCASTS.
You also have a TWIN, who you really don't like because he's kind of a HUGE GEEK and doesn't GIVE A DAMN for the CASTE SYSTEM.
And on top of that you have a KIMESIS which you ABSOLUTELY HATE, SO MUCH. SO. FUCKING. MUCH. But at least he isn't online very often.

Your trolltag is bloodyTsunami and you type yov type with an ominiov§ §tyle.

Examine RoomEdit

Oh yeah, Whatever.

Your room is your impressingly clean as you almost never are inside.

It only houses your COMPUTER and a couple of BOOKSHELFS, oh and a RIFLE CASE too.

Allocate Strife SpecibusEdit

Real men vses gvn§.

Since you are a ROYAL, you use NOBLE WEAPONS such as the RAPIER.

And since you are an AWESOME HUNTER, you also use RIFLES.

However, you lost your rapier not long ago, but your awesome RIFLE compensate for that.

Your RIFLE is SHARKBANE, a legendary weapon of epic power, found on a boat wreckage during one of your numerous FLARP sessions.

It's an awesome ROCKET-PROPELLED HARPOON RIFLE. You mainly use it to hunt NAUTICAL LUSII to feed your BROTHER'S LUSUS along with your HUNTING HOBBY.

Examine Fetch ModusEdit


Your Modus is the INCREDIBLY USEFUL Satchel Modus. It is a very simple modus like wallet, except it's fully configurable.

Do Something AwesomeEdit

Hell yeah.

Not yet, i'll have to draw it.

Do Something Incredibly SillyEdit


Examine AbilitiesEdit


Thanks to years of playing FLARP, you developed an incredible AGILTY, you are able o run a vary high speeds and jump extremely high.


You are INSANELY skilled for GUNS. You LOVE GUNS, you can't get enough of them. Thanks to that you developed molecular prescision.



Art GalleryEdit

Going to add stuff later.

Pesterchum / TriviaEdit


  • While being extremely unpleasant with any lowcastes, he is surprisingly nice with girls.


Pesterchum default
♣ Of
♣ For

Examine ChumprollEdit

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