Shone Gamma
Rick Morton


Hey... Skull to meet you




20 years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Use few words and make puns with bones (e.g: that's cool = that skull / I'm done with it! = I'm bone with it / I've made a ton of work back there = I've made a skeleton of work backbone there) and rarely swear


The Shone (The Shovel and the Bone) Gamma

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Métris Quaestio - Useful source of tips

Rick's Dad - Dad

Alan's Dad - Pré-Scratch self

Alan Morton - Pré-Scratch son

Lives in

Somewhere in Canada

You try to understand what the hell that means

You fail

You then try to be this awesome ARCHAEOLOGIST

Congratulations, now you're RICK MORTON

Biography Edit

RICK MORTON, also know as bonemasterShovelspade, is a man of great mind and love ARCHAEOLOGY, but hate the SYMBOL OF THE ARCHAEOLOGIST GROUP OF YOUR DAD, the SHONE... It looks more like a... Man's private part

He is guided sometimes by some sort of WEIRD MAN WITH WEIRD FUTURE KNOWLEDGE

Etymology Edit

bonemasterShovelspade came from his weird bone-love

The first half (bonemaster) came from his dad, since he look at him as a bonemaster, 'cause he know a lot about the deads

The second half (Shovelspade) came from the weird way that the portuguese language diference the Shovel from the Spade, since both Shovel and Spade are Pá em portuguese

Personality and Traits Edit

RICK MORTON is have an absurde love for archaeology and for spades

he also like to play cards, the memory game, puzzles and talk to his friends in the PESTERCHUM

He like to dig random places (do not call him for a picnic) and write things in his journals

Gallery Edit

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