Sarrha Trenwi



what the heck d* y*u think y*ure d*ing


Rogue of Space


9 Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

replaces o's with asterisks (*), little to no punctuation or capitalization

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Ice Cube


Nosine Ketrov - Moirail


Land of Mountains and Water

Be the Tundra Dwelling LadytrollEdit

Your name is Sarrha Trenwi and you currently live in your cozy hive with your fox lusus (aka Foxmom) in the frozen tundra. Living in the tundra can get rather lonely, but luckily for you, Foxmom makes excellent company, especially when avalanches trap you inside for days on end frequently. You've learned how to feel the vibrations in the ground for the more dangerous ones.

Your interests include crafting sculptures out of ice with your Icepickind strife specibus. It might seem tedious to some, but hey you can't be picky with your hobbies when you're surrounded by ice and snow! You also use the side of your hive for target practice with sharp icicles from time to time, which Foxmom greatly disapproves of.

You are currently in a moirailgence with Nosine Ketrov and you couldn't have asked for a better moirail.

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