Lymrix Symbol 2.0
Beorym Lymrix

Beorym Lymrix

Beorym without glasses

Beorym Lymrix Dreamself

Beorym Lymrix Dreamself without glasses

Beorym Lymrix God Tier

Beorym Lymrix God Tier without glasses

Beorym Lymrix God Tier hood up

Beorym Lymrix god tier hood up without glasses

thIs is cov\pLetely poInTless...


Prince of Blood


7 Alternian solar sweeps (15 earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replace "M" with v\ and "W" with V/; Capitalize 3 and 5th letter of every word when able.



Strife Specibi

Shearkind, 2x1/2 Shearkind

Fetch Modus

Identification: All items are associated with a certain I.D. which must be used to obtain the item safely.


Scarabdad - Lusus/sprite

Drydan Lymrix - Dancestor

Gardener Brierage - Ancestor


Land of Veins and Nightmares



Beorym Lymrix, also known as botanicalNightmare has a serious hatred of those who act like "cov\pLete idIoTs," and is always ready to give one "a liTtLe ofF thE toP," to any who come within arm's reach. He has no reason to hate those who are somehow crippled and even came to the point of befriending a mute Purple blooded mime.




Though easily seen as unnecessarily aggressive, he seems to feel that cripples have enough punishment and often has a protective mentality if acting as an auspistice, ultimately failing to remain neutral. He has a burning hatred of clowns and kills them without any feelings of remorse. These natures heavily oppose each other when he chooses to befriend a mute purple-blooded mime. He seems to be aware of the maximum ages for those of his caste and doesn't fear death, unless it is at another's hands.

Beorym is one of many who can be considered a shipper's worst nightmare as many of the few relationships he has been in are either ashen or caliginous and all others are failures waiting to happen.


Beorym is hardly seen due to a reclusive nature and often gets into arguments with the plant he keeps in the corner of his respiteblock. He has grey skin as all trolls do and has many issues with the purple blooded juggalos in the surrounding region which seem to enjoy tormenting him ceaselessly, leading to his immense hatred of anything involving entertainers. He finds entertainment in killing clowns.

Like many, he prototyped his lusus, a scarab nearly as tall as he was. He often gets annoyed with his lusus when it would kill all of his experiments regardless of the gesture(He would use a hand movement telling his lusus whether it could kill the creature or not) he used. After becoming a sprite, he became even more annoyed because it would continually annoy him beyond that when it was normal.




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