Vladis Desedi




Green (#009938)

Typing Quirk

Uses many typing shortcuts, no punctuation of capitalization


Lowercase Zeta



Strife Specibus


SGRUB Session




Land of Noise and Light

Dream Self






Team Position

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Praying mantis - grasshopper mix (Presbyteromantis Orditera)










Vladis is seen by everyone as very lazy, and they are mostly right. His lazyness aggrivates his Lusus, Presbyteromantis Orditera (Presby for short) who wants to keep him active and makes him move around by trying to eat his head. As a result Vladis always needs to stay alert, which leads to him getting little sleep. Thus a vicious cycle is born, where he becomes tired and innactive due to his Lusus not being happy with his lack of activity.

Vladis lives in a dense forest where no light shines through the folliage which, along with his irregular sleep patterns, leads to him losing track of time. It's not unusual for him to fall asleep while talking to someone on Trollslum, then wake up hours later and continue talking to them. The forest is populated by many dangerous animals, silently lurking in the darkness. His Lusus keeps them at bay, but it is still unwise to wander off alone.

His Moirail Tronno is nearly the exact opposite of him, making them a perfect pair. Tronno helps Vladis get more active, while Vladis stops Tronno from getting into risky situations. They've known each other for years, which leads to them being able to tell each others moods despite the misleading typing quirks.

Vladis is very skilled with his hands, able to build complex models and mechanisms in little time. But he usually breaks his projects before he can ever finish them, which upsets him. His dreams of flight is the little motivation he needs to continue building, wanting one day to build his own aircraft and pilot it.

Be the sleeping troll.Edit

Your name is VLADIS. You’ve just crawled out of your recuperacoon, freshly covered in slime. You probably won’t get around to changing your clothes though because you are INCREDIBLY LAZY. This leads to most of your room being covered in the green goo.
You have an interest in BUILDING THINGS, which combined with your dreams of FLYING has led you to take interest in MODEL AIRPLANES. You never really get around to finishing any of your projects though, which is fine since you often end up falling and breaking them anyway, seeing as your LACES never stay tied. You’ve contemplated getting Velcro shoes, but you’ll probably never get around to it, being SO LAZY and all.
If it weren't for your LUSUS you'd probably never get up, but its tendency to try to eat your head keeps you on your toes. You don’t usually talk to others, although your friend and MOIRAIL Tronno is an exception. He tries to keep you active, and wants to get you into ROCK CLIMBING. He’s given you a GRAPPLING HOOK as a gift, which has come in useful when it comes to grabbing things from afar.
Your trolltag is BreviloquentBuilder and your manner of speech is brief.