Ponera Vespid





Queen of Rage



Screen Name


Typing Style

.Talks in a vague, roundabout way. .Maybe. ?Who knows?



Strife Specibi

Fistkind, scissorkind


Land of Ash and Gust





Your name is PONERA VESPID.
You... well. You don't divulge much about yourself. Not even your AGE. Whenever you're asked, you reply with a VAGUE ANSWER, which you are prone to do. You have a tendency to either be VERY VAGUE or VERY BLUNT. But the most blunt part of yourself is probably your PHYSICAL SIDE. You are a workaholic and are constantly CARRYING, REPAIRING and BREAKING things, either with your FISTS or your SCISSORS. Of course, you also cut your own HAIR (which is inexplicably white, who knows why?), as you are a DO IT YOURSELF person. Most of the time. Possibly. By the way, what does this WORK you do actually entail? Gee, who knows?
In another element of vagueness, possibly influenced by your WORKERBUG LUSUS, is your HEMO-ANONYMITY. The grey of your symbol is proof of that. Again, when asked, you reply VAGUELY. No one really needs to know. Do they? Who knows?
Besides your WORKAHOLIC tendencies and fondness for VAGUENESS, your interests include RIDDLES and OPTICAL ILLUSIONS, PHILOSOPHY, STAGE MAGIC and FISHING. Fishing? That's random. But you figure explaining such a thing would be a waste of time. Probably.
Your trolltag is bulletBuild and .you enjoy saying things in a roundabout way. .Maybe. ?Who knows?

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