Be the autistic knife collectorEdit

Your name is TSUKEY MORNEY. You are a member of the SUFFERIST CULT, but you don’t socialise with them much. They think you are WEIRD; you are PAINFULLY SHY, and your LAZY EYE and KNIFE COLLECTION tend to CREEP PEOPLE OUT. You don’t mind, though. You are quite CONTENT to live in the TUNNELS with your lusus GATORMOM. Being raised by the dreaded ALTERNIAN FLOORPORTAL LOGMONSTER is another thing which creeps people out. LEREAL BELSAI never seems to mind. You LIKE HIM VERY MUCH, and are sad that your dear friend TAVROS NITRAM did not get along with him. Still, you are sure that they will have TIME to get to know each other WHEN THE SUFFERISTS WIN.

burrowingFarrago talks in third person. when she talks at all. (:3


Tsukey Morney is a minor character in the fic Hivefled.

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