Annwyl Symbol-0
Annwyl Lammoi

Annwyl Lammoi

y am i stuck with u ppl

Annwyl Lammoi


Burgundy blooded Landdweller (#a10000)

Typing Quirk

abrvtns everywhere no punctuation doesnt rly think much

Fetch Modus

Target Practice

Strife Specibus



Mayalu Morder (her flush crush, client player)

Viides Pierro (Matesprit)

Amanii Tuteur (auspictice, server player)

Daukho Aberth (kismesis)

The Wildfire (Ancestor)


Re_Birth Session
OuR SessioN WenT AbouT as SmoothlY as TryinG to MakE a MeowbeasT do a TricK.


Bard of Life


Land of Fields and Mechanics

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

First to Enter,(Served by Amanii Tuteur), Server to Mayalu Morder





Be the annoying shitEdit

Your name is ANNWYL LAMMOI.

You are ANNOYING AS ALL FUCK. Really NO ONE should be able to tolerate your presence for more than three seconds, so it defies ALL LOGIC that you have any QUADRENTS filled, much less any RED ones. Yet somehow, you've got yourself a MATESPRIT and some other chick who WANTS TO TAKE THAT QUADRENT. You really don't have any idea how you managed to do that, but you did. You must've used some kind of SORCERY, even though magic OBVIOUSLY ISN'T REAL. You've also got a KISMESIS, but that entire thing is HATE-BASED, so that doesn't really count.

You have a decent array of HOBBIES, including building SIMPLE MACHINES and BREAKING STUFF for no reason, but your main hobby is using your TWIN DISCS ON A STRING. You've spent a lot of time GOOFING OFF with this wriggler's toy, and you've somehow managed to turn it into a WEAPON. Granted, a weapon made of STRING AND PLASTIC isn't a very strong one, but maybe if you could SOMEHOW ATTACH SOME SPIKES TO IT… Anyway, your trolltag is calamitySurvivor and u dun rly think when u talk

Personality Edit

(work in progress)

Biography Edit

(work in progress)

Session Edit

(work in progress)

Trivia Edit

  • Absolutely HATES the color yellow. Upon waking up on Prospit, the first thing he did was scream "OMFG ITS PUKE YELLOW".
  • His first name means "beloved" or "dear" in Welsh, referencing how he somehow has two people with flushed feelings for him.
  • (I forget what language his last name came from but I do remember it meant something along the lines of "victim" or "target", coming from Mayalu's slightly obsessive feelings over him, so I'll come back and edit this when I find my notes and stuff)

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