Ilians Haysic




Green (#8DC63F)

Typing Quirk

CaPiTaLiZeS eVeRy OtHeR lEtTeR,,, uSeS tOo MuCh PuNcTuAtIoN aNd ToO mAnY sMiLiEs!!!!!! :D :D :D :D


Lily pad



Strife Specibus



Triffy (Ant Lion)

SGRUB Session


Czar of Heart


Land of Scale and Memory

Dream Self






ILIANS HAYSIC is one of many trolls to stumble upon the SGRUB game. She types in light green with varying caps and lowercase letters and tends to abuse any and all punctuation.

Her trolltag is a reference to Zephyranthes candida, a species of lily native to South America, and to sarcoma, a type of cancer that originates in connective tissue. It is also a play on the word "candid," meaning straightforward or informal.

Her weapon of choice is a lacrosse stick, which she has yet to use.


Illy first appeared as candidSarcoma on Trollian, and mentioned that her neighborhood was being evacuated due to a massive number of meteor strikes in the area. She elected to ignore the orders and stay behind to play SGRUB with her friends instead, not knowing what she was getting into.

A troll named aquaticCorsair offered to let her join his session, but she declined. Shortly afterwards she was contacted by timberAutomaton and joined his chain already in progress. After getting TA into the Medium, Illy realized that her own server player, cursoryFormicidae, had apparently vanished. Her reaction to this turn of events has not yet been seen.


Illy seldom thinks before opening her mouth, due to her excitable nature. This means she often finds herself having to backpedal. She is very sensitive about her appearance, especially her ludicrously tiny horns. I mean really, look at those things. Illy has a trusting nature, and thoroughly enjoys making others around her uncomfortable.


Illy and timberAutomaton have a history as friends, despite her considering the puppet-troll "KiNdA cReEpY....".

Be the ditzy broad.Edit

Your name is ILIANS HAYSIC, but you prefer to be called Illy.

You have managed to avoid your lusus, TRIFFY, for the moment in order to play a game with your friends. Incidentally, games are one of your many INTERESTS. You also harbor a fondness for QUACK MEDICINE, cartoons about MUTATED WILDLIFE, and HANDHELD VIRTUAL COCKFIGHTING SEIZURE PETS.

Your trolltag is candidSarcoma and you speak in A vErY eXcItEaBlE mAnNeR!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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