Tronno Contar



Screen Name


Typing Style

High frequency of capital letters


crooked hourglass

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Maze Trace

SGRUB Session


Knight of Space


Land of Depth and Flow


Bardoro -> ?????


Team Paradox

Team Position

Server: Vladis Desedi

Client: Najash Guivre



Giant Armadillo Bear (Bardoro)









Your name is TRONNO CONTAR.Edit

You are an unusually UPBEAT and POSITIVE THINKING troll who lives on top of a MOUNTAIN bordering the main troll continent's EASTERN SEA. There are no other HIVES around you for over 100 MILES so you don't interact with other TROLLS very often. You have a variety of INTERESTS, the most prevalent being your love of GEOLOGY, namely GEODES and ROCK CRYSTALS. You love anything to do with ROCKS such as STUDYING THEM, CLIMBING THEM, DIGGING THEM UP, and on occasion EATING THEM. You insist that the excess minerals and calcium only serve to ameliorate your digestive tract. Some could say this love of yours borders on FETISHISM but you think that is just silly.Your other prominent interests include EXTREME SPORTS, and NAVIGATING MAZES. Your rare affinity for rocks and non-carbon based life forms gives you an innate ability to READ THE WIND/EARTH and know how to find your way in any landscape. When asked how this works, you say the rocks SPEAK TO YOU.

Your MORAIL is VLADIS and he COMPLETES YOU in a completely NON-FLUSHED WAY. You enjoy TROLLING him and forcing him to participate in PHYSICAL EXERCISE and SPORTS against his free will and better judgment. VLADIS is one of the only trolls you communicate with on a regular basis because your MOUNTAIN-HERMIT LIFESTYLE makes you nervous about APPROACHING OTHERS, though you have no problem RESPONDING to their contact. You have FLUSHED FEELINGS towards NEPETA, but you've never told anybody about them. Not even VLADIS. The other two trolls you regularly communicate with are NAJASH and ALIESH MANARE. You think they are funny in their own ways and enjoy talking to them via TROLLIAN.

Though you are a high ranking PURPLE blood, your gills are underdeveloped and you cannot live underwater for extended periods of time. This has caused you to have a PHOBIA of large bodies of water. You chose to build your hive so close to the EASTERN SEA because you thought that being in the presence of such a scary sight every day would eventually lead you to OVERCOME YOUR FEAR. This has not yet happened.

Your primary WEAPON in your STRIFE SYLLABUS is PICKKIND, but you just as often use FISTKIND for dispatching foes. Your lucus is a bear-sized armadillo named Bardoro who's diet consists of birds, small mammals, and insects that you catch while roaming the mountains. He also fishes for himself at the bottom of the cliff on which your hive resides.

Your chumhandle is cantankerousGeode and you kinda type like yas ALWAYS HELLA EXCITED AN CANNA CONTROL YAS VOLUME YEAAAAAAH!! You also have a slight impediment on "th" sounds.

Session InfoEdit

Tronno is currently in the Team Paradox Session with his client player NAJASH GUIVRE and his server VLADIS DESEDI, as well as several other trolls.