Sonade Figaro

Screen name



Knight of Soul

Typing style

Encloses text with ~~waves~~, and replaces the letter A with /\ to convey a shark fin.

Strife specibus



Flying shark

Sonade: Introduce yourself. Edit

Your name is SONADE FIGARO. You are SIX SOLAR SWEEPS old. You have a vareity of INTERESTS, such as MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE. You could spend hours reading about ANCIENT RELIGIONS and FANTASTIC BEINGS. Besides that, though, you have a few HOBBIES that interest you. You like to perform OUTRAGEOUS STUNTS on your FOUR-WHEELED TRICK SLAB. However, you are OUTSTANDINGLY ATROCIOUS AT IT. You have been prone to causing yourself COUNTLESS INJURIES in your embarassing attempts. You are also quite fond of MUSIC, with your preferred instrument being the KITHARA.

In your society, you are a VIOLET-BLOOD, which means that you are a ROYAL HIGHBLOODED SEADWELLER. However, you JUST CAN’T STAND THAT STUPID CASTE BULLSHIT, so you usually mask yourself with neutral colors. You are trying to organize a REBELLION, but everyone is either TOO AFRAID or JUST DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK. Sometimes, you will SNEAK OUT OF YOUR HIVE to go hang out with LOWBLOODS. Your LUSUS is VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU.

Sometimes you like to talk to other people online using TROLLIAN. Your trolltag is carcharodonAdmiral and you speak like ~~/\ sh/\rk, gliding c/\refully bene/\th the w/\ter’s surf/\ce.~~

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sonade's name comes from the mythical Japanese water creature "Isonade". Her last name, Figaro, is a genus of catsharks.
  • Her symbol is the "Leviathan Cross", a symbol representing Sulphur in alchemy. It also has some association with Satanism.
  • Sonade's horns are relatively wide and thick, and are designed to resemble a hammerhead shark.
  • Sonade is designed to be somewhat of a joke. She behaves like a very bratty teenager with the need to prove how edgy and cool she is. In this sense, she is representative of a stereotypical fan-character.

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