Zennet Treller is a troll with a passion for the card game Sorcery: The Awakening, and has had almost no adventures. This will soon change



Zennet Treller


cardstockWizard [CW]

Typing Quirk:

Zennet has a ten-dense-see to spell out sum words phone-etti-clee.

Fetch Modi:

Sorcerer's Gathering


Your Sylladex is a part of your Sorcery: The Awakening deck, (see INTERESTS) and is thus usable in the same way.

Strife Specibus:


Lusus Naturalae:

Zennet's Lusus is a Shelldrik. Shelldrik are large turtle-like creatures with spiked shells.

Blood Color:

Teal. So teal, in fact, that it is impossible to tell whether you belong to the Green or Blue casts.


Zennet Treller is an Alternian native who knows several other Alternians, some of which he has various relationships to. Additionally, he has a variety of interests, but if you wanted to know about those, you would probably just scroll down to the "Interests" section. BLUH BLUH BLUH!


Zennet's largest interest is the collectable card game, Sorcery: The Awakening. His passion is so great that both his Strife Specibus and his Fetch modus rely on his Sorcery deck to function. He has constructed what he believes to be "The Ultimate Deck", but has yet to use it on anyone. Additionally, he enjoys VIDEO GAMES, JIGSAW PUZZLES, and TROLL ROMANTIC COMEDIES

... What?

Sorcery: The AwakeningEdit

Sorcery is a collectable card game that has reached immense popularity in the Alternian area. It is played with constructed decks of cards that are shuffled before the game starts. Each card corresponds to a spell or creature that the Sorcerer can use. Players take turns casting spells and try to defeat their opponent. The game is so large that it has begun showing up in other mediums, such as the Cardmaster class in Flarp. Those who have amassed a high level in the class can obtain the Card Kind Abstractus. This lets them use their Sorcery cards to battle REAL monsters. Additionally, anyone with the Sorcerer's Gathering Fetch Modi has their items shuffled into their Sorcery deck upon Captaloguization. This can be very inconvenient, depending on the deck and the skill of the user.