Eloise's Symbol
Lois Stones

Eloise Rose


Eloise-God Tier-Hood Up

Eloise-God Tier-Hood Down

Ladies and gentlemen...we have officially screwed up.


Lass of Blood


17 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Perfect Grammar And Syntax. Uses ALL CAPS When Spazzing Out.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Sis Stones- Guardian

Sara Stones- Inverted Little Sister

Lives in



The Land of Halls and Chains


Classy Pastimes, Cultivating Roses, Fine Writing, Master Poetry, Makeup


Cursing, Smoking, Trashy Things


Greetings. You are LOIS STONES and you are quite a classy little lady.


Fashionable and always en pointe in terms of speech, Lois is on the outside, a classy lady. However, she can also be the master of gossip and is good at keeping secrets earning her a shadowy reputation.


The sixth of the L.O.W.S. had a decent life as the little brother of Sis Stones in their urban condo. She was always the bright child and tended to various flowers from a young age. Over time, she picked a few things up from her sister and became hooked on makeup and began dabbling in poetry. Joel Dargon was soon met and the two became deep friends with each other.

Eventually they met Jonn and Dill at the gaming convention earning them two new friends.Two years later, they met Donn who in turn introduced them to Kwon and Kara. The seven bonded over many mutual interests and have since maintained a massively successful relationship. They since have vowed to meet up at the convention and cosplay as their created alter egos ever since.


In SBURB, she was the server player of Donn Ezekel and the client player of Joel Dargon much to her delight. Once in the Medium, she found the Land of Halls and Chains, a devious world of floating castles held to the ground by chains. Her quest was to break the chains and allow the floating castles to reach Skaia. Her consorts were pink turtles and her denizen was Ichor. Along the way, she would have to learn to bow Blood.


  • Carnation is derived from her interests.
    • Tiara refers to her princess attitude and her self described fancifulness.


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