Cateni Pormyn is Averon The Awesome's first fantroll, and trhe one who introduced her to Pesterchum.
  • ==History==

Cateni was first introduced when she met Avery on Pesterchum, then introduced the human to the other trolls.

  • ==Personality==

Cateni is one of the nicest trolls to ever exist, which earns her lots of friends. She can sense if someone is kind or evil, and she always remembers their behavior towards her or her friends. She always believes that everyone has a kind part inside of themselves, and this makes everyone not take her seriously.

  • ==Relationships==

Avery Eron - Besides being her patron troll, Cateni and Avery are Drawing Buddies For Life. Avery helps Cateni through personal problems all the time, and vice versa. Though they don't talk as much as when they first met, they're still incredibly helpful to each other.

Socia Partherica- These two don't talk much, but they're great friends. Cateni is somewhat jealous of how much Socia likes Anikoe, though she'll never admit it.

Detter- These two barely talk, but they both witness each other's acts. Cateni believes Detter is nice on the inside, but being brought up in a hateful atmosphere may have separated his judgements from his sense.

Shynie- Cateni looks after Shynie because she fears that being too shy will eventually shatter her friend's mind.

Mazano Sakyna- Though she makes it seem differently, Cateni has a flushed crush for Mazano.

Anikoe Bokluz- Anikoe, being a barkbeast immitation, scares Cateni a bit. She tries to keep that out of the way when they're together, but she never stops worrying that one day, Anikoe will see her as prey instead of pack.

Nepeta Leijon- Nepeta is Cateni's only adult troll friend, and a mother figure in a way. 

Equius Zahhak- Equius built her robotic vocal cords when she lost them in an accident, but their relationship is nothing more than that.

Rabbitmom- Cateni's lusus and her first mother figure.

  • ==God Tier==

Cateni is a Mute of Fear. This may be related to her being a mute and her fear for other's safety.

Not much is known about Cateni's God Tier, so this is a pointless waste of space.

  • ==Land of Silence and Tornadoes==

The consorts of Cateni's land are always quiet for some unknown reason, most likely the Denizen's work. Tornadoes constantly rage on, but they're non-destructive. Cateni enjoys jumping into the tornadoes and flying around in them.

  • ==Rabbitsprite==

Rabbitmom it Cateni's only prototype from her Kernelsprite, and the same relationship is maintained with her troll as if nothing had happened.

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