Ursula Arktos

Ursula Arktos

Ursula Arktos (prospit)


Mage of Space


7.5 Alternian solar sweeps (16.25 human years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

replaces all letter t's with the number 7, precedes each line of text with an elipsis (. . .), uses near-perfect syntax and capitalization. Uses punctuation in sets of 7 when excited.


Ursa Major

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Long-tailed Bear - Lusus
Theron Farkas - Possible Moirail

Ursula Arktos, also known by her Trollian handle  catharticAlgebra, is one of the Trolls and one of 10 that would enter the medium in a session separate from that of the Hivebent cast. Her associated sign is Ursa Major.

Ursula is a female name derived from a diminutive of the latin word Ursa, meaning "she-bear". Arktos is Greek (ἄρκτος) for bear.


Renali is a very nervous girl, especially when it comes to the aspect of romance. She has no desire to fill any of her quadrants, yet she knows that failure to do so will result in her eventual culling. She likes to distract herself with more objective matters, especially math and science, and is obsessed with video games including sci-fi themes such as space, aliens, and post-apocalyptica. 


Ursula's custodian is a diminutive bear-like creature with a long tail, resembling the common depiction of ursa major in many constellation illustrations. Despite its size however, it is a ferocious animal that will protect Ursula like any bear would protect her cubs.

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