YOUR NAME IS AURETT METUGA You have a few interests including ART AND DECORATION, and you tend to decorate your hive with small items that you FIND AROUND THE PLACE. Your hive is mainly decorated with GLOWSTICKS OF VARIOUS COLOURS. They are so beautiful. Except they don't last long, so there has been a pile of dead ones accumulating over in the corner. Sometimes you snap them accidentally and become sparkly as the GLOWY SUBSTANCE sprays on you. Like stars. Your trolltag is chaoticMindscape and you U-s-u-a-l-l-y don't show much excitement or any emotion really


Uses hyphens to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out words for emphasis. Uses hyphens before exclamation or question marks(-!, -?). Rarely uses periods except in ellipsis(...). Types in all caps when upset or insane. Uses a > before an action.


Matesprit - None

Moirail - Mayren Junace

Auspistice - With Jorela Mistal by Mayren Junace

Kismesis - None


Aurett is haemophobic of indigo blood, pretending to be an olive-blood, and makes an effort to avoid the colour indigo altogether.

She is usually emotionless but can adopt a furious personality if pushed.

Her name and surname come from the Roman words for gold and silver, Aurum and Argentum.

Her surname was originally Mutega.

Her dancestor's name is Athane, from the Greek goddess Athena and one of her victims Arachne.

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