Joel Dargon
Joel's Symbol

Joel Giuseppe


Joel-God Tier


Page of Void


17 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

tends to use all lowercase.


Golden Screaming Ghost

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Sis Dargon- Guardian

Joan Dargon- Inverted Little Sister

Lives in



The Land of Dusk and Haze


Ghost Hunting, Paranormal Shows, Scary Movies, Series Involving the Supernatural


Being Startled, Socializing


Your name is JOEL DARGON appear to be hiding from company. How nice.


Skittish at first, he is the geezer of the group and is quite the generous old soul. When in front of friends he is also quite the social butterfly and is quite well spoken and versed. Add a stranger to the mix and watch him bolt.


The fifth of the L.O.W.S. had a cozy life as the little brother of Sis Dargon in their suburban home. He was always the quiet child though, but harbored an interest in the paranormal. Ever since a ghostly encounter from when he was young, he found himself hooked. Eventually, he met Lois Stones and the two departed on a deep friendship.

Later on, they met Dill and Jonn at the gaming convention and became fast friends. Two years later, they met Donn who in turn introduced them to Kwon and Kara. The seven linked together like chains and have since maintained a massively successful relationship. They since have vowed to meet up at the convention and cosplay as their created alter egos ever since.


Upon entering the session, Joel stumbled across the Land of Dusk and Haze, a foggy and dark world stuck in eternal twilight. He was the server player to Lois Stones and the client of Kara Alphus. Joel's quest in the Medium was to end the twilight of the planet and let the light of Skaia shine through to clear the haze. His denizen was Nyx and along the way, he would have to learn to chant the Void.


  • Charitable refers to his generous personality.
    • He chose chancellor because it sounded cool and because of his attitude around his friends.


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