Flaris Smocai


i might sv<k but at least i have some de<cen<y unlike yov noobs

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses no caps nor punctuation, l with /, ll with /\, c with <, u with v

Strife Specibi

Flmthrwrkind (supposed to be Flamethrowerkind, but won't fit on the card)

Fetch Modus

Trivia Modus


Dromefla: Lusus

Be the girl with the fire-like horns Edit

You are now the girl with the fire-like horns.

Your name is FLARIS SMOCAI and you are 6.5 sweeps old. You are a burgundy blooded troll.

You don't have many interests. You love the HEAT, but are still vulnerable to the Alternian sun. You find water extremely repellent, and... oh dear GOG, let's change the subject before I start with the bu-word.

You are quite OUTGOING, but only amongst those with your blood color, as well as bronzebloods, for obvious reasons. You will never strike first, but oh boy will you retaliate if you must.

Your trollhandle is toastyAlliance and you have a self-pro<laimed <ool and firey typing style.

Lusus Edit

You have a CAMEL lusus that you call Dromefla.


Fetch Modus Edit


Strife Specibus Edit

You wield Flmthrwrkind. You WOULD wield Flamethrowerkind, but it won't fit. Meh, still means the same.

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