Be the dorky teacherEdit

Your name is ICATUS GRITCH, and you are a TEACHER aboard a violetblood-crewed ship with the ALTERNIAN FLEET. You are QUITE CONTENT with your job, despite its LOW RANK; you like imparting WISDOM to the ADMIRING YOUTH, and are sure they LOVE TO LISTEN. You do, after all, go to GREAT LENGTHS to seem COOL and LIKEABLE. Over the CENTURIES you have SINGLE-HANDEDLY FOILED no fewer than SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWO attempts on your LIFE, and avoided a far greater number through LUCK or ASSISTANCE, yet you somehow MISSED the NUMEROUS UNFLATTERING NICKNAMES the students have bestowed on you, and the fact that ERIDAN AMPORA was trying to SEDUCE YOU in exchange for a BETTER GRADE. Probably for the best, as you would have felt obliged to TURN HIM IN. You are DISAPPOINTED to find he is now working for the SUFFERIST REBELS; it always HURTS when you have to KILL one of your own STUDENTS. You secretly hope you can get to him BEFORE PREOSH FILONA or any of the SUBJUGGLATORS do; he does NOT DESERVE what they will most likely do to him.

Your trolltag is chronicGlee, which you intended to mean “neverending song”, and you tend to sound just a little unsure of yourself? you also use emoticons with a missing horn like yours and a beak in honour of your long-deceased squidpop: ¬:} like this, y’know?


Icatus Gritch is a minor character in the fic Hivefled.

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