Klinei Sign
Klinei Torere


Klinei Dream

Klinei Godtier

yo, my broth3=rs! ch3=ck out this sw3=3=t swag!


Page of Life


6 Solar Sweeps (13 Earth years)

Typing Style

Replaces all e's with "3=" and tends to be a little like a hippie or urban in tone. Types in non-standard form.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Srokna Grenna - Moirail/Possible matesprit

Codexa Komoid - "Admonisher"

Another lowblood - Ashen crush

Steorr Torere - Dancestor

Blizzard Sunstorm - Ancestor (deceased)


Land of Shrapnels and Dust


Climate, windows, online chatting


Dullness, dirty environment

Be this olive-blooded dude.Edit

th3=r3='s mor3= to m3= than just an oliv3=-blood3=d dud3=, but i hav3= no int3=ntion to off3=nd you. =)

Be the chill semi-hipster.Edit

Your name is Klinei Torere.

You often liked to stare outside your window to check out the weather, even though it's the same. You've been always researching weather from other planets. Your favorite one is Earth, for it experiences different amazing or disastrous climates. You kept praying that climate conditions like those would soon exist both at your planet and at Alternia.

You also liked to chill with your Ratdad, who is way smaller than you are. That fact sometimes makes you remember when an old friend of yours tricked you to become a test monkey for his shrinking ray and your lusus just had the job done for you. But you bear no ill will for your friend because of your semi-hipster nature. That day made you love him (your lusus) even more.

Your trolltag is cloudyGene and you "pr3=cipitat3= on your own words using your favorit3= l3=tt3=r".

Fun FactsEdit

His sign is Sandstorm in weather reporting. (If I'm wrong, pardon me..)