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Replaces O's with a "link" (8). Perfect grammar and syntax, formal speech patterns.



Strife Specibi:


---> Introduce yourself.Edit

Your name is RAHZEL ROMEDA and you have been locked in a tower for approximately 9 SWEEPS, which just so happens to be your ENTIRE LIFE. You do not know how or why you were confined to this BLOCK, despite the many nights you have spent MULLING IT OVER. You are taken care of by your lusus and jailor, whom you call CETUS.

Since you have a lot of TIME ON YOUR HANDS (especially since you’re a seadweller), and no place to go, you’ve developed many INTERESTS. You are a great fan of NOVELS, especially those pertaining to damsels in distress, as you can RELATE TO THEM. You patiently await the day you will be rescued by a noble PRINCE, even though this idea is a little FARFETCHED, even for you. You have a minor obsession with PRECIOUS OBJECTS, but you love GOLDEN ones the best. You have amassed a dragon’s hoard of gold in your RESPITE BLOCK, and you like to LAY IN IT on occasion. You also tend to order all of your possessions from the INTERNET, and have acquired some strange artefacts such as TAXIDERMIED SPIDERS, or your TROLL DARTH VADER REPLICA HELMET.

Since your computer is your only connection to the outside world, you have made quite a few ONLINE FRIENDS, whom you chat with on TROLLIAN. Your trolltag is collectiveAristocracy, and you speak in a manner suitable f8r a pr8per gentlew8man.

---> Allocate Strife SpecibusEdit

You're a little late for that. Its already been set to Chainkind, see?

Even if this chain is the reason for your captivity, you find no reason to not put it to use. You bet you could beat a fellow to death with a few good whips, or at the very least knock some teeth out.

---> Be the AncestorEdit

You are now MISTRESS NAYSAYER. In the beginning of your story, you lived a LIFE OF LUXURY as most
The sacrifice

The Mistress

seadwellers do. Your blood was as close as you could get before being TYRIAN, and you were looked up to as a RESPECTABLE LADY and a SOCIALITE. However, such grandeur was not to last for you, as the attention WENT TO YOUR HEAD and you became VAIN and ARROGANT. You insulted the EMPORER by suggesting you would be a better ruler than she, and she had you locked in a tower to await your EXECUTION.

Throwing your sense of SELF-PRESERVATION out the window, you continued to jeer at HIS IMPERIAL SAGACITY. A KISMESIS with him kept you alive for a while longer, despite your continued CAPTIVITY. You were finally sent to the gallows when you tried to ASSASSINATE the Emporer in a FIT OF RAGE. Your chains still hung from your wrists at your burial.

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